Chelsea Houska: It's Not My Fault Adam Lind is a Bad Father!

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It's a good thing Chelsea Houska has so many good things in her life.

Otherwise, she might have literally imploded from the knowledge that she once dated a douchebag like Adam Lind, and that she's connected to him for life.

If she didn't have her adorable and loving husband, Cole DeBoer, her darling daughter, Aubree, and that precious baby boy on the way ... well, we don't really want to think about it.

C. Houska

Adam Lind is just a whirlwind of grossness and garbage and shame, isn't he?

And though he's said many times that he's quit Teen Mom 2 because they've been so mean to him by showing footage of him being an absent father, he's still torturing us with his presence.

Will the horrors never cease?!

For this latest bit of nonsense, we'll be touching on Adam's appearance on Monday's brand new episode of the show, specifically the bit where he complained yet again about how he's portrayed.

On the show, Adam wouldn't let the MTV crew in his house to film because the poor little dear was napping.

Adam Lind Muscles

When he finally let them inside, he got right into some complaining, because, bless his heart, they never show him being Father of the Year to little Aubree.

The producers argued that he never lets them know when he does things with Aubree, so how could they film it?

A logical argument, sure, but Adam's not about logic. His stance was that Chelsea should be the one to tell them, or that they should somehow know all on their own.

Does it make sense? No.

But hey, that's Adam.

Adam Lind Steroids Photo

Luckily, Chelsea was able to find the humor in the mess that is this dude, because after the show aired, she tweeted about it.

"Wait....." she wrote. "How would I inform MTV that he is going to do something, if I have absolutely no idea he's doing it...? Um...."

"I'm suppose to tell them," she continued, "even tho I would have no idea he's doing it. Also, that's the 1 time he's been there for something."

Chelsea's father, the supremely lovable Randy Houska, also got in on the Adam-bashing, tweeting "How in the hell would @ChelseaHouska know if he went to something?"

Chelsea Houska Pregnancy Selfie

When some unreasonable Twitter users pressed him, saying that Chelsea knows when Aubree is with Adam, Randy pointed out that it's "not her job to call MTV."

And obviously, it's really, really not

Chelsea doesn't owe Adam anything, and really, Adam shouldn't even be worried about how he looks on television.

He should be worried about, oh, let's see ... maybe being a good parent for the sake of his kids?

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