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Britney Spears has had such an intense year, from her awful father’s alleged attack on her son to a tsunami of #FreeBritney drama.

Now, she has a new conservator and new brown hair and she just wants to back to living her life and continue being the world’s best mom.

Unfortunately, she’s now being shamed by some of her own followers over a simple workout video. What gives?!

"OK, so winter is coming," Britney states at the beginning of the short Instagram video that we have included in this post.

She’s right. It’s not quite autumn yet, but as Hot Girl Summer comes to an end, many of us are looking forward to a nice Cold Boy Winter.

"And," Britney continues. "I need to get into my skinny jeans."

‘So, I am going to be getting on the treadmill today for 20 minutes," she explains.

"And then after that," Britney adds. "I am going to do abs and focus on getting a six-pack. So, here I go!"

"Skinny jeans, here I come!" Britney captioned the video.

To any even remotely normal person, that would be a harmless and informative video, right?

But some followers responded to the 37-year-old brunette’s workout video with outright scorn.

It wasn’t that people hate her exercise routine or her fitness goals or even her new hair.

No, the trolls took aim at … her makeup.

That’s right. Critics took aim at her choice in makeup … for a video in which she works out in her own house.

"Your body’s on point now," one assures her before nastily adding: "Now, find out how to apply eye makeup."

"That black makeup has to go," demands another hater. "You need a softer look."

Another troll writes: "I just want to use makeup remover on her eyes."

This is all very rude and unnecessary.

Britney Spears Smiles in Miami

Not all of Britney’s followers were completely out of their minds.

"I love all y’all judging her makeup WHILE SHE’S KILLING IT AT THE GYM!" one fan marveled. "Jesus, people."

"She’s real as hell," that same commenter correctly continued. "No one contours to go work out. Brit is killing it!"

"Just let her do whatever makes her comfortable," another supporter demanded.

"I love you, Britney!" gushed a devoted fan. "Don’t listen to the haters."

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in Miami

So, we’re not makeup experts, but a lot of folks who do wear makeup may opt for a darker style if their hair is blonde.

(This is especially true if they are white and their skin tone is a little closer to their hair color)

By using darker makeup around the eyes, it helps bring one’s facial features into focus and helps you stand out.

While there’s no rule against dark makeup with dark hair, it’s clear that these particular trolls felt like Britney should lighten up.

But the thing is … it just doesn’t matter.

Britney Spears Models an Off-the Shoulder White Blouse

First of all, this is Britney working out at her home gym — but that’s also beside the point.

Britney took a stand against the constant micromanagement of her appearance years ago. That’s what shaving her head was all about.

A little bit of dark makeup for her at-home casual look is nobody’s business but hers, folks.

To quote a very wise man who is now a porn star (yes, really): Leave Britney alone!

Thank you.