Jamie Spears: OUT as Britney Spears' Conservator!

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Days ago, Britney Spears' doctor abruptly died -- just weeks before the court hears vital testimony about her psychiatric treatments.

When we reported this, we also mentioned that Jamie Spears may lose his conservatorship after allegations of child abuse.

Well, it's now official. Jamie no longer wields tyrannical control over his daughter's life. But for how long?

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TMZ reports that Jamie Spears is currently out as Britney's conservator, but that he didn't exactly go kicking and screaming.

Last week, he filed papers asking to be temporarily relieved of the responsibilites, citing "medical reasons."

(We'll unpack that nonsense in a moment)

Britney's new, temporary conservator is Jodi Montgomery, as we previously reported would likely be the case.

Jamie had handpicked her for the role. She will have to fill his shoes until January 20, 2020 -- at least.

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On Monday, Jamie officially stepped down and the court granted Jodi those responsibilities.

No one seemed to have any issues with or objections to Jodi's appointment.

The real drama is bound to come up with the court-ordered evaluator delivers a report upon Britney's medical and psychiatric care.

This report comes after three months of total immersion in the case.

The judge's aim is to determine whether Britney's care is adequate and appropriate.

It's all part of the discussion, of course, as to whether the conservatorship remains necessary.

Sean Preston, Britney Spears, and Jayden James at Disneyland

Dr. Timothy Benson died suddenly of an aneurysm in late August.

He was ultimately responsible for a great deal of Britney's care.

Normally, he works with athletic titans in the NFL and NBA to help them be their best. Some wondered if he was the right person for Britney.

After Britney's 30-day stint at a mental health facility earlier this year, many questioned both her treatment and the conservatorship.

In addition to millions of fans crying "Free Brithey!," he mother, Lynne, for the first time publicly displayed an interest in her daughter's conservatorship.

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This evaluation is a big deal for Britney.

If the evaluator determines -- and reports to the judge -- that Britney's treatment wasn't right, that could open a lot of doors.

Lynne Spears or even Britney's baby daddy, Kevin Federline, could launch a challenge to prevent Jamie from ever taking charge again.

Earlier this year, Lynne was already questioning Britney's treatment.

She even spoke openly and publicly on social media about what she perceived to be suspicious manipulations of Britney's social media.

Britney Spears and Parents

Now, Jamie was critically ill earlier this year, which may be why he is citing "health reasons" for stepping back from the conservatorship.

But it's only been about a week since it became public knowledge that he allegedly assaulted his grandson, 13-year-old Sean Preston.

While the LAPD investigates the accusation of child-abuse that Kevin Federline filed, Jamie cannot be around his grandsons (thankfully!).

Britney has already agreed to reduced custody time with her beloved sons just so that they can spend more time safe from their grandfather.

But Jamie obviously cannot act as Britney's conservator, responsible for her sons' well-beings, if he is not permitted to be around them.

Still, even if his step back is voluntary and temporary, this is a ray of hope for millions of Britney's fans.

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