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Congratulations are in order for the script writers behind Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

They’ve come up with what has to be the dumbest, most pathetic and puzzling clip in the history of this awful reality television show.

That’s a major statement, we know.

But we’re pretty confident it’s true.

In the scene featured here, Kim Kardashian is in the passenger seat of a car driven by Jonathan Cheban.

She then receives a phone call from Khloe Kardashian, who sounds panicked because she says Kim’s security team just tackled Kris Jenner and that the family matriarch is in a lot of pain and she’s called 911.

"My neck!" we hear Kris scream, while Khloe utters "this is crazy."

And, with that statement, we can totally agree.

Photo via E!

"What happened?" Kim asks frantically, while simultaneously attempting to relay the equal-parts bizarre and alarming situation to Cheban.

According to Khloe, members of this newly-installment security team were monitoring Kim and Kanye West’s Hidden Hills backyard when Jenner stopped by.

"I told her to go around [to the front entrance]," Khloe explains, yet it sounds like Jenner tried to go through the back instead and these employees have apparently never watched TV or signed online and had no idea who she was.

"And they just tackled her," Khloe alleges.

If you believe this story, well… you likely believe that Kim was NOT behind the release of her sex tape with Ray J as well.

Photo via E!

We’re somehow in Season 17 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so we understand that coming up with storylines must be a challenge at this point.

But we’re also pretty certain that little North could conjure up something more believable than Kris Jenner suffering an injury at the hands of her daughter’s security team.

Maybe it’s time to fire this writing staff and hire some new blood?

This has to just be flat-out embarrassing for E! at this point.

Check out this ridiculous sneak peek to see what we mean.