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Any true fans of Britney Spears rejoiced at the news that Jamie Spears is no longer her conservator (for now).

But many have hoped that he’ll be brought to justice over an alleged attack on Britney’s son Sean Preston.

Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), police who were investigating have thrown up their hands and announced that Jamie will not be charged.

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Ventura County District Attorney Gregory D. Totten had the unenviable task of reporting that justice will not be served.

“Criminal charges will not be filed against James Spears, of Westlake Village,” Totten announced, according to RadarOnline.

He continued: “The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office investigated allegations involving child abuse by Mr. Spears.”

“After reviewing the evidence,” Totten confessed. “There is insufficient proof that a criminal offense was committed by Mr. Spears.”

That is a disappointment, but not a shocker.

Britney Spears, Sean Preston, and Jayden James at Brunch
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An inside source previously related the alleged events in question to RadarOnline.

“Britney had the boys at Jamie’s condo on the evening of August 24,” the insider began.

“Jamie and Sean Preston got into an argument,” the source noted.

The insider explained that “Sean Preston felt unsafe and locked himself into a room.”

No child should ever be given reason to feel unsafe around family, but it’s doubly awful that this was not enough to remove him from harm’s way.

“Jamie broke into the room and shook Sean Preston,” the source revealed, matching up with all other descriptions of the event.

That is awful. That is a description of abuse.

“Jamie has a temper,” another insider noted. “Which is no secret to anyone in the family.”

“Fortunately, Britney did the right thing,” the source continued.

“And,” the insider said, the pop superstar “took her boys to safety and away from her father.”

Sean Preston, Britney Spears, and Jayden James at Disneyland
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“The whole incident was very upsetting to her and her boys,” the source related.

The insider added: “Kevin was and still is furious.”

“Preston was not physically injured,” the source noted. “But very scared and shaken up.”

Pun not intended, we hope.

Most domestic abuse does not result in physical injuries. It doesn’t make it any less evil.

So why is it not shocking that Jamie isn’t being charged with anything?

Because most of us are all too aware of how little our society actually cares about the safety of children — at least when it comes to danger in their families.

Look in the comments section of almost any story about domestic violence against a child, and you’re likely to see people applauding it.

Additionally, our legal system is centuries old and not designed to prosecute abuse of a girlfriend, spouse, or child.

When it was designed, remember, wives and children were essentially property of men.

Too many times, investigations — even those with eyewitnesses — end with police shrugging at “insufficient evidence of a crime.” That has to change.

Sean Preston and Jayden James Dine at Disneyland
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In the mean time, thankfully, both Sean Preston and Jayden James are safe from that elderly ogre of a man.

Britney is under a conservatorship, meaning that she felt that she could not sufficiently protect her sons from her father since he runs her life.

So she did what any responsible mother would and amended her custody agreement so that Kevin has custody 70% of the time.

Now, the boys are safe even with her, as they have restraining orders keeping Jamie away from them for the next three years.

With luck, these orders will keep Britney’s sons safe for the rest of Jamie’s life.