Corey Rathgeber Sees Evelin Villegas Cheating, BLOCKS Her, Returns Home

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Just a week ago, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Evelin Villegas was posting cute throwback videos of her with Corey Rathgeber.

Now, she's posting and deleting emotional videos. And Corey? He has her blocked on Instagram.

What changed in just a few days? Well, TLC sat Corey down and showed him a video that turned his life upside-down.

Evelin and Corey

How did you celebrate your most recent birthday?

Corey celebrated his by blocking Evelin, the love of his life. Yes, really -- that was the day.

He was in Washington partying with his family while Evelin was still in Ecuador waiting for his return.

At this point, she may not want to hold her breath.

She didn't try to hide the block from fans, instead sharing the news and suggesting that they wish him a happy birthday.

Evelin Villegas

Now, Evelin took to her Instagram Stories to share a series of videos with fans as she reacted tot he situation.

She did refer to Corey's father's passing, which happened eight months ago but only recently aired on The Other Way.

Evelin referred to how she and Corey were casual for a while but how she wants to lock down their relationship ... if there's anything left.

She also, once again, took aim at the trolls -- many of whom have not been shy about their racism -- who have been sending her hate.

As you can imagine, the news that Corey blocked her has only added to the legions of her detractors.

Corey and Evelin in San Francisco

The two have been an item, both in person and long distance, for years. They have a dog together.

So obviously, fans want to know what changed in just a matter of days to have this relationship appear to be over.

It turns out that there's one culprit: TLC.

SoapDirt reports, thanks to one hell of a leaker, that the Tell All special featured a nasty surprise for Corey.

They had a video to show him -- one that would change, and possibly ruin, his life forever.

Corey and Evelin

You may recall that there was some "cheating" drama early this season over what may have happened with Evelin and her ex.

That was resolved -- with Corey apologizing to Evelin over all of the drama, in fact.

Production at the Tell All had Corey sign a mental health waiver before they showed him (while filming him) previously unseen footage.

Whatever exactly the video showed, it involved Evelin and her ex. And it was more than Corey knew or could handle.

He is said to have broken down into tears, as producers must have been hoping to see. They already had a therapist standing by to help him cope.

Evelin Villegas "we will see" IG

But it looks like Evelin may be holding out hope.

On Wednesday, a fan asked her about the status of their relationship after Corey blocked her.

Evelin replied "we will see."

At this point, we don't think that she's trying to be deliberately vague to help 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way unspoiled. We're well past that.

It sounds like Evelin is holding out hope that Corey will come back to her. Wow. What a sad story on all sides.

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