Britney Spears Fans Accuse Her Team of Orchestrating Cover-Up, Faking Pics & Videos

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Britney Spears has released a couple videos and a couple messages in the past few days.

Despite having been checked into a mental health facility to deal with ongoing mental health concerns that have plagued her for over a decade, the singer appears to be in a somewhat healthy and happy place.

But is she really?

Or are members of her team and possibly even her family just hiding the truth behind Britney's illness?

Is there a cover-up going on and must we really #FreeBritney, as many on Twitter pushing for?

Scroll down to see what some critics are saying about the way Spears is being treated why they even think recent photos of the artist have been forged by various cronies who do not want what is best for her...

1. Britney Spears on Insta

Britney Spears on Insta
This photo was taken from the Instagram video relesed by Britney Spears to assure fans she was doing okay.

2. What's the Unfortunate History Here?

What's the Unfortunate History Here?
Spears was hospitalized in early 2018, placed uner a 72-hold hold to evaluate her mental state after she had a breakdown in which many around her were concerned for her well-being.

3. What Happened Over a Decade Ago?

What Happened Over a Decade Ago?
A source told People Magazine back then that the pop star’s court-appointed child monitor called police. “She had already put [son] Preston in the car when Britney locked herself in a room with Jayden,” said a source. “The cops came and got through the door and tied her down to a gurney.”

4. What Was Her Life Like Back Then?

What Was Her Life Like Back Then?
This incident took place when her children were two years old and one year old, respectively, and she was supposed to be handing them over to ex-husband Kevin Federline. Police said the singer was "under the influence of an unknown substance" when she was placed in the hospital.

5. Since Then?

Since Then?
Britney's dad was made the executor of her estate and basically put in charge of his daughter's finances and, to some extent, professional life.

6. Shen Then Went Into Hiding

Shen Then Went Into Hiding
To some extent, at least. Her music career came to a screeching halt, but Britney had recently settled into a very well-paying residency in Las Vegas and has seemingly been happy and healthy for years.

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