Sean Spicer: Dancing With the Stars Casting Continues to Create Trouble For ABC

Sean Spicer: DWTS Casting Continues to Create Trouble For ABC

When the world learned on Thursday that Sarah Huckabee Sanders had been hired at Fox News, no one was particularly shocked.

After all, the Trump administration is basically the Saturday Night Live of conservative media -- sure the gig will force you to embarrass yourself from time to time, but there's a good chance the connections you make will lead to a career you can be proud of.

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Sean Spicer: Being COURTED for Dancing With The Stars! (Please Let This Happen!)

Sean Spicer: Being Courted By Dancing With The Stars!

It looks like Dancing With The Stars might be about to get a whole lot ... Spicey-er.

We're not even a little sorry for phrasing it that way, because seriously, how else are we supposed to express our excitement -- because DWTS is actively courting Sean Spicer.

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