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Last week, the world learned the real, sinister reason Sean Spicer is still on Dancing With The Stars despite his abysmal dancing.

Fans and judges alike are frustrated that the season has been effectively rigged when other, talented dancers have gone home.

But one extremely talented dancer, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, is actually defending the polarizing politician.

Hannah Brown at the PCAs

Hannah Brown spoke to Us Weekly about her weakest competitor, Sean Spicer.

"I think everybody works really hard," Hannah characterizes. Oh, she’s being very diplomatic.

She accurately describes: "and the fans vote for who they want to be in the competition."

Sticking to facts, Hannah adds: "and that is how this is going to go."

Photo via ABC

"We all just have to continue to work hard and do our best," Hannah expresses.

"And," she adds. "I don’t think Sean is any different than that."

"I think he is working hard and doing his best as well," Hannah politely says.

We’re sure that he’s doing his best. it’s just that his best, you know, sucks.

Fans and viewers have been left scratching their heads for weeks now.

How in the world did Sean Spicer manage to stay afloat for so many episodes?

Things came to a head on November 4, when one of the season’s most promising dancers, Kate Flannery, was eliminated.

It was enough for Carrie Ann Inaba to say: "I’m absolutely confused and in fact a little irritated."

"It’s frustrating," Inaba expressed.

She continued: "There are really great dancers being sent home, but that is part of our show."

"It’s always been the audience and the judges’ perspective," Inaba acknowledged.

She admitted: "I can’t be so mad at it, but it’s frustrating"

Spicey Moves

"I would like to beg the public to remember that this is a dance competition," Inaba expressed.

"Of course, vote with your heart," she added.

Inaba then suggested: "But also take a moment to consider everybody else in the competition."

She concluded: "And are you voting for the right person?"

Fellow judge Bruno Tonioli had similar feelings.

"They have to vote [and] make the vote based on actual achievement," he said.

"Know what people are giving to you within the competition," Tonioli suggested.

"‘Oh, he’s so nice, he’s just such a nice person.’ Well, yeah, I agree," he said. "But come on."

Photo via ABC

Len Goodman chimed in and spoke about Sean Spicer directly.

"He’s very popular with a certain element of the viewers, not the real dance fans," Goodman correctly stated.

He added: "You haven’t got to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows."

"He should have gone three weeks ago before Sailor [Brinkley-Cook] went!" Goodman acknowledged. "But it is what it is."

He concluded: "The judges say this and the viewers say that and then it all comes out as it is."

Sean Spicer DWTS Cast Photo

Is Sean Spicer a good dancer? No.

But is he a good person who deserves his time in the carefree spotlight of a dancing competition? Also no.

Sean Spicer is a bad person who used his career to help a criminal administration harm the strength and reputation of the United States of America.

He should never have been given this opportunity. ABC created this situation for publicity and now they’re reaping the resulting disaster.