Nirvana: Never-Before-Seen Photo of Band's First Performance Tweeted By Teen

Nirvana: Photo From Band's First Gig Tweeted By Teen!

Lots of teens have rummaged through their parents' old photo albums in search of laughable fashion statements and tragic hairstyles, but it's not often that an old party pic turns out to be a priceless rock history artifact.

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Kurt Cobain: Footage of Rocker Holding Infant Daughter While High on Heroin Outrages Fans, Family

Fans React to Clip of Kurt Cobain Holding Daughter While High

The highly-anticipated Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck premiered on HBO this week, and while the incredibly intimate portrait of one of the rock wold's most damaged souls has received mostly positive reviews, it seems one particular scene made an unfavorable impression on many of Cobain's fans, as well as his surviving friends and family.

The scene in question shows Cobain visibly high on heroin and nodding off while holding his infant daughter for a haircut.

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Frances Bean Cobain Appears Thin, Pale at Recent Red Carpet Events

Frances Bean Cobain Appears Thin, Pale at Recent Red Carpet Events

With the premiere of HBO's Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck just days away, the late Nirvana frontman's wife and daughter have been making the promotional rounds non-stop.

As usual, Courtney has come off as strung-out, demented and desperate for attention, while Frances Bean Cobain continues to seem remarkably well-adjusted for someone with Courtney Love as a mother.

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Courtney Love Talks Kurt Cobain Sex Tape; Nirvana Frontman's Unreleased Beatles Cover Leaks Online

Courtney Love Talks Kurt Cobain Sex Tape

We're only two weeks away from the television premiere of the much-hyped Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, which means that Courtney Love is in full-blown promo-mode and she's talkin' Kurt to anyone who will listen.

First she talked about sex with Cobain in an interview that was about as uncomfortable as your mom giving you the birds-and-the-bees talk while high as a kite on Afghani black tar heroin. 

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Courtney Love: Kurt Cobain Killed Himself Because He Knew I Wanted to Cheat on Him

Courtney Love Takes Blame For Kurt Cobain's Suicide

The new Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck premieres on HBO on May 4, and at the moment, that seems like an eternity  from now.

And it's not because the doc has gotten rave reviews and we're looking forward to see it (though that's certainly true).

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