Frances Bean Cobain Accused of Extreme Hoarding Habits

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In June of 2014, Frances Bean Cobain married Isaiah Silva at the tender age of 21.

Not surprisingly, the marriage didn't last, and Cobain and Silva called it quits in March of this year.

Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva

In further news that won't exactly shock you to your core, the divorce between two twenty-somethings with tens of millions in assets at stake quickly turned ugly.

Though the marriage didn't last long, Silva has been making a bid for millions in spousal support, and there are even reports that he's been fighting Frances over ownership of Kurt Cobain's guitar.

Obviously, if those reports are true, Silva is just downright filthy.

Of course, according to so is Frances' house.

Frances Bean Cobain at Paris Fashion Week

According to Page Six, Isaiah says he was "forced out of the home" that he and Cobain shared due to her compulsive online shopping and hoarding.

“The weird truth is that Frances Cobain’s house is virtually unlivable because of Frances’ hoarding," a friend of Silva's tells the tabloid.

"Frances spends her days doing lots and lots of online shopping.

"Virtually every room is filled with boxes of stuff Frances has ordered from online retailers and never even bothered to open — shoes, clothing, art supplies, music equipment, and even several large-screen TVs.”

The insider claims that Silva was forced to divide his time between his ex-girlfriend's and his parents' homes.

Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva Photo

We assume the friend means to say that this happened while Cobain and Silva were still married, otherwise Isaiah clearly just doesn't understand the concept of divorce.

Even so, we're not sure how it relates to the massive settlement that Silva is seeking.

Already, Frances has been ordered to pay Silva an astonishing $12,000 a month. 

Now he's seeking more because ... she buys too much crap online?

Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love Photo

Frances is the daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney freakin' Love.

If online shopping is her worse addiction, we'd say she successfully beat some long genetic odds.

Now, on top of everything else, she'll probably have trust issues for the rest of her life, as she clearly had the misfortune of marrying an opportunistic gold-digger.

We officially give Frances license to go apesh-t on Amazon all damn day.

We're sure she was waiting for our approval.

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