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Lots of teens have rummaged through their parents’ old photo albums in search of laughable fashion statements and tragic hairstyles, but it’s not often that an old party pic turns out to be a priceless rock history artifact.

That’s the experience that Seattle-area teen Maggie Poukkula had when she unearthed an old photo of her dad rocking out with Kurt Cobain in 1987.

It wasn’t until she tweeted a photo of the photo that fans informed her the pic was taken at Nirvana’s first-ever gig.

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Maggie captioned the above image, “Pictures of my dad and Kurt Cobain playing together back in the day.”

Asked by a fan if the photo was taken at the band’s first-ever performance, Maggie replied, “I don’t know. I’d have to ask my dad.”

As it turns out the house party portrayed was held at the house of Maggie’s father in Raymond, Washington in March of 1987.

At the time, young Tony Poukkula was spending his free time jamming with a newly formed punk trio that who called themselves Nirvana.

The seminal grunge band has been back in the news a lot lately for both good reasons (a documentary about Kurt Cobain’s life was met with critical acclaim) and bad (the doc featured footage of Cobain holding his infant daughter while high on heroin).

By now, the story of the band’s meteoric rise, shambolic fall, and partial resurrection (Dave Grohl remains one of the world’s biggest rock stars) is well-known to even the most casual fans.

But sometimes, it takes a photo like this to remind us of how it all began – a group of friends jamming together for the love of music and maybe some free beers.

Good find, Maggie.