Frances Bean Cobain Posts Bikini Pic, Shows Off Tattoos

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Frances Bean Cobain has never shown much interest in entering show business or becoming a social media celebrity (apparently a viable career option for celebrity offspring in 2016), but she's grown up under a microscope nonetheless.

Frances Bean Cobain Selfie

It's not hard to see why, of course, as for a generation of music fans, her father is more much more than just a rock star (ironically, a role he says he never wanted to play).

Kurt Cobain's tragic passing elevated him to the level of icon, martyr of fame, member of the fabled 27 Club and unwitting sacrifice to the rock gods.

Courtney Love, by contrast, has become, over the years, something of a punchline in the music world: a coattail-riding Lady MacBeth, a female Keith Richards haunted by her own Brian Jones.

Whether that reputation is deserved or not is a question for another time.

All of this is to say that short of moving into a convent the day she turned 18, there's little that Frances could have done to escape the attention of the Gen-Xers who love her father's music and the Milennials who love her style.

Frances turned 24 yesterday, and despite some recent personal struggles (She divorced Isaiah Silva in March after just six months of marriage.) and a reputation for preferring the indoors (She is the First Daughter of the grunge movement, after all.) it appears that she decided to celebrate with a vacation in Hawaii:

Frances Bean Cobain Bikini Photo

Cobain uploaded the above pic to her Instagram page (with the amazing handle of "space_witch666") and it instantly racked up a ton of likes (nearly 24,000 so far) and sparked some intense debates over the meaning of her tattoos.

Perhaps as a result of all she's been through, fans seem to feel protective of FBC.

(Rumors that Silva wanted to keep her father's guitar after the divorce led to an uproar on social media.)

As a result, her Instagram page is a mostly positive, supportive place.

And thankfully, she seems to have grown into a stable, well-adjusted young woman.

The girl is living proof that you can always make the choice to turn your back on a dark past and face the sun.

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