Tyler Baltierra: I'm Beyond Miserable Being Married to Catelynn Lowell

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Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are currently in a great place.

Like, a REALLY great place:

The couple is expecting a baby!

But the Teen Mom OG stars had to overcome many obstacles to get here, most notably Catelynn's struggle with her mental health and related trips to rehab.

On the October 15 episode of this MTV hit, Tyler seemed to hit rock bottom.

He opened way up about how he viewed his marriage and his romance, confessing some difficult feelings to his friends and to his wife.

Scroll down for a look at what Tyler once said about his relationship... in order to fully appreciate where it is now.

1. To Reiterate: All is Good Now!

To Reiterate: All is Good Now!
Tyler and Catelynn announced their unexpected pregnancy in mid-September. They could not be more excited to welcome the little boy or girl into their world in March.

2. That is Now. What About Then?

That is Now. What About Then?
This episode of Teen Mom OG was taped many months ago. It centered on the couple sitting down for an appearance on Dr. Oz, before which Catelynn spoke to Dr. Mike Dow.

3. And What Did This Doctor Say?

And What Did This Doctor Say?
He told the Catelynn that he was proud of her for opening up about her mental health issues to help eliminate the stigma against people who are suffering from similar problems. From there, Lowell admitted she was having trouble staying away from people who were NOT understanding her situation.

4. The Trolls are Everywhere

The Trolls are Everywhere
"I cant even go on Twitter right now," she said. "People are ruthless, they think that I'm just running away from my problems or not wanting to be a mom. I'm not running away from my problems, I was fixing my problems and trying to get better so I could be a better mom."

5. Baltierra Weighs In...

Baltierra Weighs In...
Tyler told his wife - to her face - that he wanted her to take better stock of the influence her time in rehab took on him. He suggested she watch past Teen Mom OG episodes in order to see the toll her depression has had on their marriage.

6. The Bombshell Drops

The Bombshell Drops
Tyler then got brutally candid, saying on air: "I’m gonna be really very honest. I feel like I’m not too happy right now. I’m identifying that I feel pretty miserable." He said this to his friends.

7. Tyler Has Needs, Too

Tyler Has Needs, Too
Tyler's main issue seemed to be that his relationship was always - always! - all about Catelynn and her needs. “When does it ever turn around though, where you know what, Cate, I need you to actually do this for me? When is it ever 50/50?" he asked his pals.

8. The End of His Line?

The End of His Line?
Tyler and Catelynn have managed to find happiness, but this episode made it clear just how close they came to a split. Consider how Tyler concluded his speech in this case: "I’m saying this is what I need. If you can meet those needs, awesome. If you can’t, let me know. I don’t want to waste any time. Let me get out of here. Marriage is a bitch."

9. We Knew This Was Coming

We Knew This Was Coming
Back in September, prior to new Teen Mom episodes airing, Tyler said in a preview that he was "absolutely not happy" in his marriage. It was painful to watch.

10. But Here's the Thing...

But Here's the Thing...
Tyler has actually been an amazing husband to Catelynn throughout her struggles. Yes, he's had some tough moments, as this episode proved. But remember the incredible tribute he posted to his wife in August?

11. No? You Don't?

No? You Don't?
Well, here it is! "Life is really simple if you think about it," Tyler wrote on Instagram this summer. "If you love something … fight for it. Sacrifice for it. Love it so much that it makes you want to love yourself in a way you never knew you were even capable of loving."

12. He Wasn't Done, Either

He Wasn't Done, Either
Continued Tyler: "It’s been 13 years together & that’s not because of luck or us not arguing or not getting upset with one another … That’s because everyday, we choose to love each other unconditionally, with all the flaws & all the baggage our past lives has given us."

13. Life is a Choice

Life is a Choice
"We choose to listen to one another & be heard by one another," Tyler wrote of himself and Catelynn. "We choose to confront our issues head on & fix them together. We choose to nurture our spiritual bond together & share lives ups and downs with one another. We are lovers in this life, so we can be soulmates in our afterlife."

14. In Conclusion?

In Conclusion?
Tyler wrote this to Catelynn: You Are Beautiful. You Are Worthy. You Are Strong. You Are Safe … & I love you more than this realm will allow me to express in all my desired ways."

15. Wow, Huh?

Wow, Huh?
Tyler Baltierra for all the wins. He may have been "miserable" at one time, but his love for Catelynn has never waivered.

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