Cheyenne Floyd Shocks Fans With Heartbreaking News About Daughter

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In many respects, the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise have it much, much easier than most young single moms.

After all, they enjoy six-figure salaries from relatively cushy jobs that generally don't require them to spend much time away from their children.

But the ladies of Teen Mom seem to be cursed with a virulent streak of bad luck as well -- and sadly, the newest cast member is no exception.

It's only been three weeks wince Cheyenne Floyd joined the cast of Teen Mom OG, but already, her sad story has earned her the sympathy and support of a legion of new fans.

Here's the latest on Floyd's frightening situation:

1. A New Face

A New Face
After gaining a modicum of fame on MTV shows such as Are You the One?, Cheyenne made her official Teen Mom OG debut at the start of the show's eighth season.

2. Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings
At first, fans were conflicted about the addition of Cheyenne to the long-running MTV series.

3. Big Shoes to Fill

Big Shoes to Fill
Many were happy to see the fired Farrah Abraham replaced by just about anyone.

4. The Critics

The Critics
Others pointed out that Cheyenne was not one of the original girls (or "OGs") of the Teen Mom franchise, and wished that producers would leave well enough alone.

5. The Moms of Teen Mom

The Moms of Teen Mom
The other moms seem to have embraced Cheyenne with open arms, which is important, as the mother of one will need all the support she can get in the difficult times ahead.

6. A Sad Revelation

A Sad Revelation
On a recent special introducing fans to the new moms (Bristol Palin also joined the cast this season), Cheyenne revealed some shocking news about her 1-year-old daughter Ryder.

7. A Frightening Condition

A Frightening Condition
Ryder has been diagnosed with a rare metabolism deficiency called VLCAD.

8. A Mom's Worst Nightmare

A Mom's Worst Nightmare
Cheyenne has revealed that the condition is genetic, incurable, and in some cases, fatal.

9. Making It Clear

Making It Clear
"It doesn’t go away, it’s genetic. It’s not like I did anything wrong,” Cheyenne said on the special.

10. A Solemn Vow

A Solemn Vow
“I am going to make sure that Ryder stays healthy,” Floyd added.

11. A Mysterious Illness

A Mysterious Illness
According to the National Library of Medicine, "VLCAD, or very long-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, deficiency is 'a condition that prevents the body from converting certain fats to energy, particularly during periods without food."

12. Ryder's Struggle

Ryder's Struggle
The condition makes it very difficult to stabilize Ryder's blood sugar and requires constant attention from Cheyenne.

13. Easily Triggered

Easily Triggered
"In both children and adults, problems related to VLCAD deficiency can be triggered by periods of fasting, illness, and exercise," the NLM adds.

14. Opening Up

Opening Up
“When she was first born, she had to eat every two hours,” Cheyenne revealed on the MTV special.

15. A Team Effort

A Team Effort
Fortunately, Cheyenne receives a wealth of support from Ryder's father, Cory.

16. Committed Cory

Committed Cory
“Ryder comes first and that’s all that matters,” Cory said during his first appearance on MTV.

17. Co-Parenting Win

Co-Parenting Win
Cheyenne and Cory's relationship is often rocky, to say the least, but both parties say they're 100 percent committed to Ryder's well-being.

18. Better Days

Better Days
Fortunately, Cheyenne's role on TMOG places her in a better position to afford the many expensive treatments that might await Ryder.

19. Ready to Pitch In

Ready to Pitch In
And with her TMOG family, Ryder has gained the support of four castmates and a legion of devoted fans!

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