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Whether you’re a fan of Counting On or you simply watch the Duggars from a safe distance out of morbid curiosity, you have some sense of who and what you’re dealing with.

Put another way, you’re probably aware that the family’s belief system, and by extension, their child-rearing methods have been a frequent source of controversy.

Practices such as “blanket training” and other forms of systematic abuse have led to calls for boycotts and even demands for a full CPS investigation in the past.

But the Duggars have refused to shy away or even issue a public apology, which isn’t surprising – and now it looks like these lessons are being handed down.

According to a report from In Touch Weekly, it looks as though the torch is being passed from one generation to the next, in disturbing fashion.

Are Jim Bob and Michelle’s grown children now practicing the same techniques that were used to quite literally whip them into shape in their own youth?

Understandably, fans are terrified that this continued behavior and methodology may eventually result in someone paying the ultimate price.