Jill Duggar Accused of Abusive "Blanket Training" of Son

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Another day, another Jill Duggar parenting controversy.

If you follow Jill on social media, you know that she's constantly being critcized for the way she raises her two sons.

Jill Duggar: Hiding a Bump?

Sometimes, the concerns are justified, such as when Jill had her 2-year-old son walk for over an hour alongside a busy highway.

Were they out of gas and desperate to find help? No, they were just trying to get to the all-important local Chick-Fil-A location.

That was pretty bad. On other occasions, it seems as though fans are simply making Jill the target of some misplaced anger.

Sure, there's plenty of negativity, or at least serious concern, to go around when you start thinking about the entire Duggar clan.

Should Jill really bear the brunt of this, though?

Remember the time that Jill put a tortilla on her son's head to block him from the sun? That was a little unusual, sure, but harmless.

Really, who among us hasn't done dumb stuff when they have kids, and shared it on Instagram for a few hundred thousand "friends"?

Okay, don't answer that last part.

In any case, we'll leave it up to you to determine which category the latest Jill Duggar parenting controversy falls into.

The 26-year-old mother of two posted the photo below on her Instagram page over the weekend. Innocent, right?

Jill Duggar's Baby

It may seem innocuous enough, and well ... it probably is.

But some of Jill's followers are outraged by what they feel is yet another endorsement of a much-maligned disciplinary technique.

In the past, the Duggars - most notably matriarch Michelle, who has spoken at length about it - have sworn by "blanket training."

If you're unfamiliar, this is a practice in which children as young as 6 months old are seated on a blanket and told not to move.

The childcare "experts" who originated blanket training tell parents that they should strike their child with an object if he or she moves.

Jill Duggar with Israel

It may be a stretch, but some fans think this photo is Jill's way of sending the message to all the like-minded parents out there.

Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding her family (and husband Derick Dillard), she still practices blanket training in her home.

One of Jill's followers commented:

“They were raised to start hitting your baby at 6 months if they go off the blanket they actually say spanking or throwing something at them!"

"Throw something at your 6 month of baby and they also raise their children to be respectful by beating them.”

Other fans believe (quite reasonably) that there's no reason to believe this photo is an endorsement of any single parenting technique.

“That’s not punishment," countered one such follower, believing that if this weren't a Duggar family member, it's a non-story:

"Some babies like being wrapped up.”

Obviously, this seems like a case of Jill's social media photos being nit-picked to death, it does serve as a reminder of sorts:

She comes from a family in which behaviors that would be considered abusive by most parents are still practiced every day.

As always, you can follow the link to watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most controversial family.

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