The Bachelorette Spoilers: Who Gets Exposed? Who Wins Hannah's Heart? [UPDATED]

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19. UPDATE: No Luck For Luke!

UPDATE: No Luck For Luke!
Despite being identified as "the frontrunner" from day one, it appears that Luke Parker did NOT make it past the final four stage. Pretty major turn of events right there, and apparently it came after tensions escalated beyond the point of no return.

20. Bucking the Trend

Bucking the Trend
The news comes to us courtesy of Steve, the Oracle of Bachelorette spoilers, who tweeted, "I can now report that for the first time in five seasons, the first impression rose recipient will not win the Bachelorette." Ohhhhh, snap!

21. Sent Packing

Sent Packing
"I’ve seen the evidence I needed. Luke Parker was eliminated at the overnight date rose ceremony," he continued, delivering a bombshell we have all been waiting to hear.

22. Hometown Hannah

Hometown Hannah
In addition to Luke, the lucky guys who made it to the hometown stage were Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, and Peter Weber. So it's a safe assumption that one of them will receive the final rose. As for who ... well, only time (or additional spoilers) will tell. SPEAKING OF WHICH:

23. UPDATE: Luke the Douche!

UPDATE: Luke the Douche!
Evidently Luke was sent home during his overnight date after he basically slut-shamed Hannah Brown for hooking up with her other dates. Not cool, Luke. Not all that surprising coming from this lowlife, sadly, but nevertheless. Not. Cool.

24. He's in the Final Two!

He's in the Final Two!
Yes, Jed Wyatt makes it all the way to the freaking finale alongside Tyler Cameron. Peter Weber gets the boot and finishes the season in third place, behind a dude who was with some other girl the night before he flew to Los Angeles and admitted that he only applied to boost his career in the first place. Poor Peter. Poor Hannah. Poor everyone.

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