The Bachelorette Mansion Has 41 Pools and 23 Tennis Courts and is Totally Insane

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As you've very likely read about by now, the upcoming season of The Bachelorette will be unlike any in history.

That's what happens when a pandemic hits the country and citizens are encouraged to keep at least six feet away from each other in public.

Clare Crawley Ready to Drink

Late last month, ABC confirmed that the beloved franchise would return in the fall (and air on Tuesday nights, which is wild!), with Clare Crawley and her suitors under some kind of quarantine.

What will this look like, exactly?

We can't say for certain right now.

However, according to Us Weekly, we might at least know a little bit more about the setting for Clare's season than we knew in the past.

Clare Crawley Promo Pic

Sources have confirmed that The Bachelorette will film this summer at La Quinta Resort & Club, a resort located in La Quinta, California.

The property is currently only open for estate owners and is set to reopen publicly in September.

The lavish hotel is actually known for its popularity among Coachella-goers -- and is nothing like the typical Bachelor mansion, despite being situation just 164 miles away from where the series typically shoots.

Clare Crawley on a Couch

As for the accessorites to which Clare and company will have access?

Across its 1,400 acres, there are 41 pools... 53 hot spas... 23 tennis courts... five golf courses ... and seven restaurants.

There are a total of 796 guest rooms and some of the hotel suites and villas include personal pools and hot tubs.

Here's a photo of the resort we found online:

resort photo

Also a plus for Crawley? Dogs are welcome!

“These guys are my everything so do your research, know that my whole life is obsessed with these two,” Crawley said in a recent interview, referencing her two canines and adding;

“Maybe somebody could be allergic to dogs, but take your Zaditor guys!

"These babies have been here for me regardless so they stay.”

Clare Crawley Instagram

Insiders have confirmed that all cast and crew member will live on-site for the duration of filming.

COVID-19 testing will happen before filming, while regular temperature checks will occur throughout the season and everyone will be quarantined for 14 days before filming can begin.

As for Clare's state of mind heading into this adventure?

She just posted this photograph on Instagram and wrote as a sort of pep talk to herself along with it...

Clare Crawley in Thought

Dear self- I want to thank you. You walked on so many difficult journeys these past few years.

You fought battles- with those who love you, and with those whom you love. You were let down time and time again, but you didn’t let it shatter your faith in relationships, in love.

You’ve had to prove your worth to those unworthy and you were broken – more than words can explain but you have been reborn.

Clare Crawley, Everyone!

You found your true self and changed the meaning of your life – turning it into something beautiful, into something worth living!

So, I want to say that I’m proud of you. I know how hard it has been. I cannot thank you enough for taking care of me. I promise that I will continue to take care of you too.

Just keeping strong. For me. Keep going. Keep on fighting. You know you can do this.

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