Eric Nichols: Back with Larissa Lima! Getting DRAGGED by 90 Day Fiance Fans!

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On last week's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we saw Larissa Lima reach out to her ex-boyfriend, Eric Nichols.

Now, we here at The Hollywood Gossip have known for some time about this reconciliation between the 90 Day stars.

To viewers who don't spend their lives reading celebrity gossip, however, it was brand new information.

And given how much they've seen about Larissa's desire to be pampered and to continue to live her life in America, fans have some opinions.

Namely, they think that Eric is making a mistake if he takes Larissa back into his life -- especially after how ugly their breakup was.

Larissa, however, promises that she can explains. Take a look:

1. Larissa and Erickee

Larissa and Erickee
Honestly, a year and a half is a serious relationship, even if it's on-again, off-again. The question that fans are asking is whether Larissa and Eric are true love or whether Eric is just a fool in love who will give Larissa everything she wants.

2. In 2019, Larissa began dating Eric

In 2019, Larissa began dating Eric
She signed up for Tinder in early February, hoping to move on from what was already an ugly divorce. She connected with Eric and they hit it off.

3. For weeks, she teased the budding romance to fans

For weeks, she teased the budding romance to fans
Often hiding Eric behind a filter to preserve his anonymity, Larissa built up hype for her relationship ... and hype for her divorce party.

4. Divorce party?

Divorce party?
That's right! In early March of 2019, Larissa (and, on another night, Colt) had a divorce party at an adult entertainment club, where she was presented with a new iPhone (to replace that one that Colt had reported stolen even though it was Larissa's). It was also where Eric made his public debut.

5. As for Eric

As for Eric
He's younger than Larissa or Colt, and is a total upgrade from Larissa's ex-husband. We're not sure which Larissa liked more -- being showered with affection like a real boyfriend should offer (flowers included), or the fact that Eric doesn't live with his mom.

6. They had a lovely time

They had a lovely time
Larissa was still healing from her ugly breakup with Colt, going through a lot of stress over her legal residency, her divorce, and of course the charges that Colt was pressing against her.

7. She and Eric had matching personalities

She and Eric had matching personalities
They both have a flair for the dramatic and are passionate people. That may sound exhausting to some of us, but they made it work ... with occassional breakups and reconciliations.

8. Eric was also at her birthday party

Eric was also at her birthday party
Later that year, he attended her birthday party -- at the same adult entertainment venue. It looks like everyone had a grand time.

9. Awww, a birthday kiss!

Awww, a birthday kiss!
The cake in front of Larissa read "who is against the queen will die," which was an amazing touch on an already magical evening.

10. However, it did not last forever

However, it did not last forever
On September 11 (we know), 2019, Larissa dumped Eric via text message. To say that he was both surprised and hurt was an understatement.

11. Eric was stunned

Eric was stunned
And if you ask him now, he will be the first to admit that he did not handle the breakup as well as he should have or could have.

12. Which is how this photo happened

Which is how this photo happened
Eric not only visited Colt and Debbie but took and shared photos that he took with them, a move clearly made to spite his and Colt's mutual ex.

13. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
Larissa was receiving strange calls from an unknown woman who was calling her private number. Afraid that Eric had given Larissa's number away to a woman who was now trying to upset Larissa by telling her graphic details of her new sex life with Eric, Larissa reported the harassment to police. Later, she would state that Eric was not responsible for this.

14. Larissa wasn't solely thinking about romance

Larissa wasn't solely thinking about romance
She also called Colt's new girlfriend, Jess, to warn her about what Colt is really like. The whole of Colt's cheating scandal from December 2018 ever made it onto the show, in part because of timing and in part because it doesn't seem to fit 90 Day Fiance's intended narrative.

15. Some time later ...

Some time later ...
Larissa declared that Eric was not the culprit behind her harassment. Despite a lot of hurt feelings, the two of them made up.

16. She tried dating

She tried dating
On and off of camera, Larissa dipped her toes into the dating pool but did not find the new love that she was hoping for.

17. Then, an update

Then, an update
In spring 2020, just a few weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic placing most of the US on lockdown, Larissa shared that she and Eric were back together!

18. They're back together

They're back together
But Larissa could only share a little of that until 90 Day Fiance viewers saw it for themselves on Happily Ever After? ... which they now have.

19. Larissa went back to Eric this season

Larissa went back to Eric this season
We saw Eric's incredulity as Larissa told him that she wants him back, wants him to spend more money on her, and specifically wants him to buy her a boob job.

20. Viewers were quick to roast Eric

Viewers were quick to roast Eric
It was the sort of content that you would expect, especially from people who just follow the show and not the real lives of the people on it. They say that Larissa is using him, that she just wants a sugar daddy (he's younger than she is), that she just wants to be a legal US resident, etc. Some of it's fair, some of it's not.

21. Now, Larissa is offering an explanation.

Now, Larissa is offering an explanation.
"I believe now it's official #90dayfiance In the brief time of my break up with @ericjosephnichols there were many people, many whom I used to be close to, that tried to turn Eric against me. They even went as far to stage that he was against me and vengeful. Eric has always accepted me for who I am. For the good and the bad. For my victories and challenges. I am happy," she explained this week on Instagram.

22. Well, good for them

Well, good for them
They reconciled months ago (and keep in mind that the show was filmed MANY months ago), so it looks like this time, getting back together is going very well.

23. Good luck!

Good luck!
We don't know how long this will last, especially with Larissa's plans to move on from Vegas and live elsewhere in the United States. But we hope that they make their time together fun and memorable.

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