Ryan Edwards: Arrested For Possession of Heroin & 14 Syringes!

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Ryan Edwards might be in deep, deep trouble.

We've known for several weeks that Edwards was arrested for an unspecified probation violation last month, but now the charges that landed him on probation in the first place have been revealed.

And it seems more likely than ever that the troubled Teen Mom OG star will be unable to avoid jail time.

According to Radar Online, Edwards was arrested last year with a large quantity of heroin and 14 hypodermic needles.

News of these charges comes on the heels of claims by Edwards' wife, Mackenzie Standifer, that Ryan was recently taken into custody simply so he could be booked on previous charges.

Here's everything we know so far:

1. The Bust

The Bust
In March of 2017, Ryan was pulled over for an expired tag while driving near his home in Tennessee. One of the officers spotted a hypodermic needle in an open backpack Edwards' passenger seat.

2. The Report

The Report
According to a police report obtained by Radar, the officer inquired about the needle, and Ryan seemed to realize right away that he had been busted.

3. An Upfront Response?!

An Upfront Response?!
"I asked Edwards if he had any medical conditions, and he replied, 'No,'" the arresting officer wrote.

4. Okay, Maybe Not...

Okay, Maybe Not...
"I then asked why he had a hypodermic needle in his backpack, and he replied, 'I don't know,'" the officer adds.

5. Big Trouble For Little Ryan

Big Trouble For Little Ryan
"I told them that the vehicle will be searched and he should inform me if there are more [needles], and Edwards replied, 'Yes, probably,'" the officer wrote.

6. "Them"?!

The use of the plural pronoun in the report has led many to the conclusion that Mackenzie may have been with Ryan at the time of his arrest. Whatever the case, it seems Standifer might be on her own when she delivers Ryan's baby in October...

7. The Situation Worsens

The Situation Worsens
Police proceeded to search the car and found 14 syringes, one of which was already loaded with heroin. They also found a plastic bag in the center console that was filled with a "dark substance."

8. An Admission of Guilt

An Admission of Guilt
Asked what was inside the bag, Edwards confessed that it was heroin and told police, "I have a problem." Clearly, that's a colossal understatement.

9. More Paraphernalia

More Paraphernalia
Authorities say they later found two spoons with heroin residue, as well as a digital scale. The bag in Ryan's possession was found to contain 1.8 grams of heroin with an estimated street value of roughly $300-$400.

10. In the System

In the System
Ryan was issued a citation and given a court date of April 10, 2017. Sources say he was encouraged by his attorneys to accept a plea deal.

11. Dodging a Bullet

Dodging a Bullet
Edwards was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days in jail. The sentence was suspended following a period of "good behavior" and payment of a $750 fine.

12. Clearing the First Hurdle

Clearing the First Hurdle
Edwards was ordered to undergo six months of drug testing. There's no indication that he failed any of the tests, though he was certainly wasn't sober for all of that time.

13. One Disastrous Wedding

One Disastrous Wedding
Ryan married Mackenzie last summer, and he was so high while driving to the ceremony that he lost consciousness behind the wheel. Shortly thereafter, Edwards checked into rehab.

14. An Ongoing Mystery

An Ongoing Mystery
Was the rehab court-ordered? Voluntary? We may never know for sure, but whatever the case, Ryan's sobriety didn't last.

15. The Wedding Sequel

The Wedding Sequel
In order to make up for their botched first ceremony, Ryan and Mackenzie got married a second time. The reception was captured by TMOG cameras, and fans were stunned to see Ryan downing beers and pounding shots.

16. A Bogus Justification

A Bogus Justification
Ryan justified his drinking by explaining that he's never had a problem with alcohol, only heroin and Xanax. A few weeks later, however, his world began to fall apart.

17. A Second Arrest

A Second Arrest
In March of 2018, less than one year after his initial arrest, Ryan was taken into custody again. The news of his second brush with the law came just one day after the world learned that Mackenzie is pregnant with Ryan's baby.

18. A History of Dishonesty

A History of Dishonesty
Mackenzie initially came to Ryan's defense, claiming that he was taken into custody simply so that he could be booked on previous charges. Fans have been reluctant to believe her, however, especially since she and Ryan concealed his first arrest from both the public and the mother of his first child, Maci Bookout. It remains unclear what's in store for Ryan from here, but one thing is abundantly clear...

19. He'll Soon Be a Regular at the Courthouse

He'll Soon Be a Regular at the Courthouse
Between his ongoing custody battle with Maci and the fallout from his criminal charges, Ryan has a lot of legal headaches to look forward to.

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