Peter Weber's Dating History Proves He's Always Been the Quintessential F--k Boi

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As you're probably aware, Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor was an absolute disaster.

Sure, it was entertaining at times, but not only did Peter fail to find love, it often seemed that he wasn't all that serious about looking for it.

Of course, his apparent indifference toward the process didn't stop Peter from proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss.

Shortly thereafter, he very gradually broke off the engagement so that he could half-heartedly pursue Madison Prewett.

Watching those irritating final episodes, you might have found yourself wondering if Peter was always so spineless and indecisive.

And now we have your answer.

Take a look:

1. The Process Begins

The Process Begins
Thirty women to choose from? What could go wrong?! Well, in Peter's case, the answer to that rhetorical question is "everything." Everything went wrong.

2. Wifeless

Peter Weber's gutless approach to dating has made him one of the most unpopular Bachelor's in the show's history.

3. A History of Spineless

A History of Spineless
And sadly, it turns out he's always been this wishy-washy -- much to the chagrin of the women in his life.

4. Inauspicious Start

Inauspicious Start
Things got off to bad start during Peter's time on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette.

5. Flying Dirty

Flying Dirty
That season was a bit of a disaster as well, in part because of the number of guys who were "there for the wrong reason" -- a group that may have included Peter.

6. Whoops!

Yes, Jed Wyatt wasn't the only guy who had a girlfriend waiting for him at home. Peter also had a woman in his life whom he failed to mention during any of his one-on-one dates with Hannah.

7. Poor Calee

Poor Calee
Her name is Calee Lutes, and she told Entertainment Tonight that she and Peter were in a serious relationship at the time he auditioned for the show.

8. What a Guy

What a Guy
Unlike Jed, Peter at least had the decency to kind of break things off with Calee before he left for filming. We guess he deserves SOME points for that, but Lutes says she was heartbroken.

9. Awful Timing

Awful Timing
“We talked about plans for New Year’s and, of course, we wanted to spend it together, so I bought a ticket out to L.A.,” Lutes told ET.

10. Sounds Serious

Sounds Serious
“We also were planning a trip to Costa Rica in March. A few days later—two days before Christmas—we FaceTimed and he said that we should end our relationship before it got even more serious," she added.

11. Ouch

Calee says she learned of Peter's intention to go on the show only when he started following Bachelor producers on social media -- and completely wiped her presence from his page.

12. Cutting Ties

Cutting Ties
“He deleted our pictures, which is expected, but he also untagged me from photos, deleted my comments from his page, and went as far as un-Liking my photos/deleting his comments from my Instagram as well," she said.

13. Molding His Image

Molding His Image
So it's not so surprising that for all the times they've dredged up the Jed drama, Bachelor producers have been quick to sweep Calee under the rug in their effort to portray Peter as the ultimate nice guy.

14. Here We Go

Here We Go
Then came Peter's season of The Bachelor, during which he made every bad decision imaginable and hurt a LOT of people in the process.

15. Let the Indecision Begin!

Let the Indecision Begin!
Peter's time the show was rocky from the start. You may recall that Hannah Brown appeared on the first episode.

16. Oh No He Didn't

Oh No He Didn't
And for reasons that remain unclear, he invited her to move into the house and JOIN THE COMPETITION!

17. Bad Call

Bad Call
Thankfully, Hannah declined. But some of the women in the house say they never regained their trust and respect for Peter.

18. Blast From the Past

Blast From the Past
Little is known about Peter's dating life pre-Calee, but one of his exes, Merissa Pence, surfaced during the hometown round to warn him about Victoria Fuller.

19. Pretty Bad

Pretty Bad
It seems their relationship ended on amicable terms, but Merissa is only 24; Peter is 28, and they dated way back in 2012. So yeah, the math on that is a little icky.

20. Major Cringe

Major Cringe
And the rest, as they say, is history. Peter proposed to Hannah Ann even though he was still carrying a torch for Madison Prewett. That ended about as well as you would expect.

21. The Human Jellyfish

The Human Jellyfish
After a month-long engagement, Peter broke off his engagement with Hannah. Actually, he mumbled some stuff about his heart, and SHE finally gave him his ring back and stormed out.

22. Flash In the Pan

Flash In the Pan
Peter and Madison went on to "date" for about 48 hours before going their separate ways, which surprised no one.

23. He Has No Idea What He Wants

He Has No Idea What He Wants
After all, she specifically told Peter she wouldn't be able to enter a relationship with him if he slept with his other contestants, and what did he do? You guessed it!

24. Careful, Girl

Careful, Girl
These days, Peter is rumored to be romantically involved with his fifth-place finisher, Chicago-based lawyer Kelley Flanagan.

25. Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep Your Eyes Open
We wish them all the best ... we just hope Kelley knows what she's getting involved with.

26. The Babs Factor

The Babs Factor
After all, Peter seems to have some pretty messed-up ideas about women. We wonder where those might have come from ...

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