Catelynn Lowell Slams Cheating Rumors: I Know Tyler is Loyal! I DO!

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Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been together for most of their lives - even before they became MTV mainstays and brought Carly into the world.

But fans have been buzzing with rumors recently. And not in a good way.

Is Tyler cheating on Catelynn ... and using his own fans to do it?

Catelynn is confident that the rumors are bogus, though. How so?

She explains why, and, well, you can see where she's coming from.

Let's get into it below!

1. Is Tyler cheating?

Is Tyler cheating?
Rumors have been bandied about that Tyler Baltierra is cheating on Catelynn Lowell. The rumors CLAIM that he's been cheating specifically with his Instagram followers.

2. Is it true?

Is it true?
They've had their ups and downs, to be sure, and it wasn't SO long ago that they were living separately.

3. Catelynn has heard the rumors

Catelynn has heard the rumors
How could she not, when they're about her own husband -- and fans have of course been mentioning it in comments. You know that she can see those, right?

4. She's not remaining silent anymore

She's not remaining silent anymore
Catelynn gave an interview to Us Weekly on April 1 to discuss the claims made about her husband.

5. Here is what Catelynn has to say

Here is what Catelynn has to say
"Tyler and I are together all day every day!" Catelynn exclaims to Us Weekly in a new interview, responding to cheating rumors.

6. It's just not happening

It's just not happening
"For people to think that he cheats is ridiculous," Catelynn asserts.

7. Here is how she's so sure

Here is how she's so sure
"And you obviously don’t know his character," Catelynn says, "because he would never be able to cheat and not tell me. It would drive him insane."

8. She's heard all of this before

She's heard all of this before
"Obviously this isn’t the first time cheating rumors have popped up," Catelynn acknowledges.

9. But this is a new low

But this is a new low
"But now it’s gone to the level of being with his Instagram followers?" Catelynn asks. "Please!"

10. What's behind it all?

What's behind it all?
"I honestly think that people just have a hard time believing in our relationship," Catelynn speculates.

11. She blames restless fans

She blames restless fans
"I feel like they need to try and stir up drama in some ways," Catelynn states.

12. Use your head, people!

Use your head, people!
"Doesn’t anyone think that if this was really happening," Catelynn reasons, "there would be someone running to the tabloids with proof and would’ve been outed by now?"

13. She's so over weird rumors

She's so over weird rumors
Catelynn expresses that people trying to poke holes in her marriage are "utterly ridiculous at this point."

14. Here's how she sees it

Here's how she sees it
"We’re happy and these trolls with no lives sitting behind computer screens and phone screens have nothing better to do than try to stir the pot," Catelynn accuses.

15. Well, she won't stop you

Well, she won't stop you
"Keep stirring, though," Catelynn says, "because this pot is very strong and won’t collapse."

16. Their marriage will work regardless

Their marriage will work regardless
Catelynn says that their relationshp remains solid because of "honesty, communication, commitment, and working through the bumps."

17. Oh, and Vaeda

Oh, and Vaeda
"This baby is our rainbow after the storm,” Catelynn expressed. “We were using protection and everything. This baby just wanted to be here. It was very unexpected."

18. Though that's not a permanent solution

Though that's not a permanent solution
Even though Catelynn has admitted to getting baby fever, she previously stated: "By the time we’re 30, we’re done. He’s getting fixed, that’s it. I already told him. I said, ‘I carried all three of your kids and birthed them and pushed them out of me, you’re getting snipped, sorry!’"

19. Tyler's down with that plan

Tyler's down with that plan
"And he’s OK with that!" Catelynn said last year. "He’s like, ‘Yeah you’re right, you did carry all my kids and have to go through labor, so. [I’ve] got no choice!’"

20. So why the rumors?

So why the rumors?
Catelynn suggested that it was just bored trolls who don't believe in their love. But it may be something more.

21. What if the rumors stem from a Catfish?

What if the rumors stem from a Catfish?
Just putting it out there -- there have been plenty of cases of people masquerading as reality stars on social media, pretending to message from "side accounts" and having so many photos that fans are convinced that they're talking to the real star.

22. Just a guess

Just a guess
Rumors don't always spring from nowhere. A few people may think that they had online affairs with the real Tyler.

23. Or maybe not

Or maybe not
We tend to buy Catelynn's characterization that Tyler wouldn't be able to keep a lid on it if he had cheated -- that's such a funny way of being certain, though. It could be that the rumor was made up as a cruel prank.

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