Nicole Nafziger: I Can't WAIT to Make Babies with Azan!

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A month ago, Nicole Nafziger was gushing to fans about her "baby fever" shortly after returning to the US from Morocco.

Now, she's being much more direct as she addresses the topic to the 90 Day Fiance fandom.

Yes, she wants babies with Azan.

That's not a euphemism for looking forward to being intimate with him again, either.

She is excited to give baby May younger siblings with the man she loves.

There is a specific milestone that she's waiting for.

Nicole has a lot more to say -- check it out below.

1. It's baby-making time!

It's baby-making time!
Well, not right away, but as Nicole says -- as you can see below -- she is looking forward to growing her family with Azan.

2. Nicole is a proud aunt

Nicole is a proud aunt
Adriana is still a little baby, and Nicole is delighted to spend time with her precious niece.

3. Nicole is already a loving mother

Nicole is already a loving mother
6-year-old May is excited to no longer be the "baby" of the family and adores her newborn cousin.

4. Adriana is Taylor's baby

Adriana is Taylor's baby
Taylor is Nicole's sister. Their mother, Robbalee, posted this throwback pic to announce the happy news early this summer.

5. Of course, Nicole wasn't here at the time

Of course, Nicole wasn't here at the time
She was in Morocco, as her two week vacation to see Azan (real name Hassan M'Raouni) was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and stretched into a 5-month extended stay.

6. At least she got to have fun

At least she got to have fun
It wasn't what she had hoped, of course, but she made the best of an impossible situation.

7. Nicole shared this pic recently

Nicole shared this pic recently
Here she is, cradling baby Adriana. (Don't worry -- she was COVID-tested before she reunited with her sister or met her newborn niece)

8. Fans adored the pic

Fans adored the pic
Yes, Adriana is just one month and one week old. She will be growing up faster than we can imagine.

9. Seeing Nicole with Adriana gave some fans ideas

Seeing Nicole with Adriana gave some fans ideas
"Can't wait for you and Azan to have babies!" comments one supportive fan. "Me neither!" Nicole replies.

10. Nicole even elaborated on that

Nicole even elaborated on that
"Sometime in the future after marriage,” Nicole specified elsewhere, “we would love to expand our family."

11. Some commenters were confrontational

Some commenters were confrontational
Apparently there was some FIGHTING in replies after Nicole posted a misleading link to an article. In particular, some fans jumped to conclusions -- that Nicole was both pregnant AND drinking unhealthy weight loss tea. (Doctors say that weight loss teas are just laxative teas with caffeine, and can cause permanent organ damage with long-term use)

12. The topic shifted

The topic shifted
While people are of course going to comment ... is it Nicole's fault if people can't click a link and learn for themselves what it's about? What, do they want Nicole to physically come to their homes and click the link for them?

13. Okay, WOW

Okay, WOW
A couple of fans got into it with Nicole, some bringing up that unsubstantiated rumor that her fiance is secretly married to his cousin and has children. Without any evidence to support it, it's so weird that people keep parroting it.

14. As for multiple wives ...

As for multiple wives ...
Plural marriage is extremely rare in Morocco, particularly after 2004 restrictions were implemented. A husband wanting multiple wives must provide documentation of his first wife's approval to marry a second, and he must prove that he can financially support this large family. Azan is hot, not rich -- so that's a non-starter.

15. Is Nicole still a barista?

Is Nicole still a barista?
No, she reveals, it is time for her to move on and do other things.

16. She left her job in March

She left her job in March
Nicole parted ways with Starbucks when she flew out for a two-week vacation to Morocco. This has long been her job, but that has now changed.

17. That's for the best

That's for the best
Honestly, one of our biggest fears was that Nicole would have to go back to work as a barista during this pandemic, in Florida, one of the hardest hit states due to the state government being nearly as reckless as the federal government.

18. Nicole posted another pic

Nicole posted another pic
Her caption under this cute selfie caught people's attention.

19. A twinkle, you say?

A twinkle, you say?
This commenter was wondering if Nicole was dropping hints that she is pregnant -- as a "twinkle in one's eye" might indicate. That's a negative.

20. Another commenter was just mad

Another commenter was just mad
This commenter railed at Nicole for posting (gasp) a link to an article. Nicole noted that she does, in fact, post normal things. Some people are just weird and mad.

21. To be fair, this was the "clickbait" in question

To be fair, this was the "clickbait" in question
To be equally fair, as we said before, all that you have to do to understand a clickbait post's meaning is literally just click. I do it all of the time. It's not Nicole's fault if you can't click and read.

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