Nicole Jimeno Has a New Boyfriend: Will They Be a 90 Day Fiance Couple?

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Contrary to what split rumors have claimed, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno remain very much married.

For Chantel, that's bittersweet news, if only because keeping her husband means keeping her nightmarish in-laws.

Nicole Jimeno has made no secret that she despises Chantel and her entire family.

But now, Nicole has an American boyfriend of her own.

Will that make her a gentler person towards her brother's wife?

More importantly, will Nicole's boyfriend one day become her very own 90 Day Fiance partner?

1. Nicole Jimeno has good news!

Nicole Jimeno has good news!
Pedro's sister didn't make the best impression on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? or on The Family Chantel, but given that she's a beautiful woman, we suppose that this news was only a matter of time. ...

2. Nicole was trouble from day one

Nicole was trouble from day one
She came from the Dominican Republic to visit Pedro, where tensions between her and Chantel Everett went through the roof.

3. The results were explosive

The results were explosive
Ostensibly started by Pedro and Chantel's brother, River, a nice dinner at the Everett residence turned into an all-out brawl that got so bad that producers rushed in to break up the fight. There's no denying that Nicole's drama played a key role in that fight.

4. The drama didn't end there

The drama didn't end there
See, TLC revealed a first-of-its-kind spinoff for Chantel and Pedro, titled "The Family Chantel" -- so named after Pedro's name for Chantel's family. On the show, Chantel and Pedro visited the DR, and they brought Chantel's family along with them.

5. Things were awkward AF

Things were awkward AF
See, Nicole was all too happy to bring her friend Coraima around to see Pedro at every opportunity.

6. THIS is Coraima

THIS is Coraima
Remember when Nicole got Pedro drunk and their friends encouraged him to take off his wedding band and then Pedro was bumping and grinding with Coraima, Nicole's longtime friend who's always had a crush on him?

7. We remember

We remember
And Nicole was of course sure to show footage of it to Chantel, who was NOT thrilled to see her husband grinding his business against someone else's.

8. Naturally, they faced off

Naturally, they faced off
Reality shows have to draw a line between an acceptable amount of on-screen fighting and what's going to raise their insurance rates.

9. Nicole is not one to mince words

Nicole is not one to mince words
She despises Chantel's family and she loathes Chantel personally. She wants Pedro to leave Chantel. According to Chantel's friend, Nicole and her mother had plotted to have Pedro meet Chantel in the first place -- without his knowledge -- but never expected him to fall in love with her. What a mess.

10. And now ...

And now ...
Chantel was horrified when Pedro revealed that he's bringing his mother and sister, both of whom hate her, to the United States.

11. Nicole has a boyfriend!

Nicole has a boyfriend!
Nicole's new man is named Ale, In Touch Weekly reports. He's from New York City. And there appear to be no photos of them togehter on any social media.

12. That's easy to believe

That's easy to believe
Reality TV villain she may be, but Nicole is super gorgeous.

13. That said ...

That said ...
Reportedly, Nicole's visit to the US was only temporary, and she still legally resides in the DR.

14. Soon, she'll be seeing Ale a lot more

Soon, she'll be seeing Ale a lot more
If Pedro is able to get his way -- with immigration and with Chantel -- Nicole will be living in the US, where she should be able to see Ale with greater ease and frequency.

15. For now ...

For now ...
Long-distance relationships can fizzle out, but when there's real hope that a couple will be able to be together soon, being in a LDR isn't too bad. Best of luck to Nicole in her romantic adventures. We hope that Chantel and Pedro treat her relationship with more kindness than she has shown to theirs.

16. As for Chantel and Pedro

As for Chantel and Pedro
We mentioned that they are very much married, but that doesn't mean that it's a happy marriage these days.

17. Things sound positively contentious

Things sound positively contentious
"Pedro still can’t stand [his wife] Chantel’s family and vice-versa," an insider tells In Touch Weekly. "They don’t talk often and it doesn’t seem like they will make amends any time soon. Pedro is focused on bringing his mom and sister to the United States."

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