Chantel Everett Drops Tik Tok Hint: Have She and Pedro Split?

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So far, 90 Day Fiance fans have only gotten a taste of the chaos and endless fights of The Family Chantel.

But a new video from Chantel has many fans worried more about the future.

Is Chantel hinting that she and Pedro aren't even together anymore?

Chantel and Pedro Are All Smiles

Chantel Everett hasn't remained a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise for this long purely because of her low-cut blouses.

She knows how to keep the drama moving, even if she's not at liberty to update fans on her life (thanks to the show's contract).

Chantel knows that she doesn't need specifics to get fans and followers talking.

All that she needs is a very simple Tik Tok video, which we have included for your convenience.

Fans love seeing Chantel call out Pedro on his BS, and they love this video.

Chantel Everett Tik Tok: Tall, Dark, Mama's Boy

Saweetie's "My Type" is playing as Chantel gestures in the air.

She then edits in three key words -- "Tall," "Dark," and "Mama's Boy."

The video then transitions to Chantel, from yet another angle, listening to the lyrics of the song.

"That's my type. That's my type," the song plays as Chantel mournfully lipsyncs.

Pedro is tall, dark, and handsome, but he's absolutely a mama's boy -- much to Chantel's chagrin.

Chantel Everett tearful on Tik Tok that's my type

From day one, Chantel and Pedro have had issues because of their respective families.

Last year, Pedro got into a brawl with the family Chantel -- one so heated that producers rushed in to break things up.

But even before they were married, Pedro's mom was throwing a wrench into the works.

When Chantel's mom suggested a prenup, Pedro's mom flipped out and tried to convince him to cancel the wedding.

And as we've all seen, Pedro's mother and sister seem determined to this very day to sabotage his marriage.

Chantel and Pedro at the Beach

Chantel's frustrations with Pedro's willingness to go along with his mother's schemes have surfaced during other, seemingly unrelated conversations.

At this year's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4 Tell All special, Chantel got into a confrontation with a castmate.

Colt Johnson was picking fights with everyone, but with Chantel, he bit off more than he could chew.

Chantel roasted him for being more devoted to his mother than to his wife.

One could not help but notice the parallels between Chantel's words to creepy Coltee and the issues she continues to have with Pedro.

Chantel Everett Rolls Her Eyes

But the reason that Chantel and Pedro have managed to stay married for as long as they have ...

(Note the clearly on display wedding ring in Chantel's video)

... is because they really, truly love each other and want to make it work.

They're both hot -- they could have anyone they wanted. But they want each other.

Not even their respective bonkers families have been able to break them up, despite considerable effort.

Chantel Everett Has Concerns

It seems clear that Chantel and Pedro are still a married couple, but still dealing with the same issues.

Chantel appears sad about Pedro being her type -- you wouldn't feel so sad about that if you'd dumped him, right?

Hopefully, over time, they can resolve their family issues.

But there's no rush -- not as long as their squabbles keep them on TV.

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