Kailyn Lowry: I'm Being Stalked By Chris Lopez's OTHER Baby Mama!

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For a while there, it looked like Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez might really make it work.

And as you may recall, no one wanted that to happen more than Kail.

Sadly, it was not meant to be.

Lowry and Lopez have broken up several times over the years, and these days, it seems they've finally called it quits for good.

But that doesn't mean Kail will be able to disentangle herself from Chris' drama anytime soon.

In fact, this week saw a new revelation about Chris' personal life that could seriously complicate things for Kail.

Take a look:

1. A Tricky Situation

A Tricky Situation
Kailyn Lowry stunned fans with a controversial tweet this week. The Teen Mom 2 star posted a phone screenshot showing several texts she'd received from an unidentified party.

2. Some Backstory

Some Backstory
If you watched this week's Teen Mom 2 reunion special, you know that Kail's assessment of her co-parenting relationship with Chris was less than favorable.

3. Fatherless Lux

Fatherless Lux
“There’s no co-parenting right now,” Kail told hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa.

4. Work In Progress

Work In Progress
“Right now, he is just working and going to therapy as far as I know,” she added. “Working on himself.”

5. When the Time Is Right

When the Time Is Right
“I know he will see Lux when the time is right," Lowry continued.

6. Called Out

Called Out
Of course, Kail knew that Chris had been doing more than just going to work and attending therapy sessions -- and the hosts forced her hand with a question about exactly how Lopez has been spending his time.

7. Kail Confirms

Kail Confirms
Drew and Nessa pressed Kail on the rumor that Chris fathered a child with another woman. To the surprise of many fans, Lowry confirmed that it was true.

8. Cat's Out of the Bag

Cat's Out of the Bag
“A girl texted my phone, like, ‘I got your number out of Chris’ phone, tell him to hit me up about the baby,” Lowry said during the reunion.

9. A Free Man

A Free Man
Of course, the news didn't come as a surprise to those who have been watching Kail's Twitter closely. In fact, she confirmed it several months ago.

10. What a Way to Learn

What a Way to Learn
But the manner in which Kail found out -- unexpectedly receiving a text from Kail's baby mama -- that shocked some viewers.

11. The Receipts

The Receipts
In case anyone doubted her claim, Kail tweeted a photo of the texts she received from the other woman in Lopez's life.

12. Shade

“Lololol happy hump day," Lowry jokingly captioned the Wednesday tweet.

13. Bad Call

Bad Call
The original tweet -- which has since been deleted -- did not feature the woman's name, but did put her phone number on display. Many of Kail's followers found the move objectionable.

14. What a Mess

What a Mess
It seems the expectant mom did not contact Kail just to boast about Chris' infidelity, but was instead seeking help.

15. Desperate Times

Desperate Times
It seems that Chris disappeared during his second baby mama's pregnancy -- which is pretty much his M.O. at this point -- and BM2 was hoping that Kail could help her track him down.

16. Reaching Out

Reaching Out
“Girl I know this you I got your number out chris phone. Tell that man to stop playing with me and hit me up about that baby he has on the way!” the woman texted.

17. A Very Long Silence

A Very Long Silence
That was back in October -- and Kail never responded. So the woman reached out again this week.

18. Hellooooo?!

“You can say something about my text on tv but can’t hit me back up about OUR baby daddy so funny,” she texted.

19. Upping the Ante

Upping the Ante
Again, Kail chose not to reply. So this time, the woman reminded her of what's in store.

20. Due Date Revealed!

Due Date Revealed!
“Don’t worry girl,” she added, “I got ahold of him I’ll be sure to send pictures come February so lux can see his brother Joshua.”

21. A Lot on His Plate!

A Lot on His Plate!
So we guess Chris will be a father of (at least) two come February. Fortunately, he's already not paying child support, so Kail doesn't have to worry that he'll start missing payments.

22. An Unpopular Move

An Unpopular Move
As for Kail, she was roundly criticized for publicizing the woman's phone number but never responding to her request for help.

23. Some Perspective

Some Perspective
To be fair, there could be backstory here that we're not aware of, and Kail is under no obligation to help her ex's baby mamas.

24. Low Blow

Low Blow
But to many, tweeting the woman's phone number amounted to kicking her when she's down.

25. Not Cool

Not Cool
And lots of Kail's followers were very vocal in their belief that as a fellow single mom, Kail should know better.

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