Mackenzie Standifer: Threatening to Abandon Baby with Ryan Edwards?!

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So Mackenzie Standifer sure has been going through a lot lately, right?

Or, well, pretty much ever since she made the extremely questionable decision to start dating Ryan Edwards.

But things have definitely gotten more intense in the past few weeks.

After all, welcoming a new baby while your husband goes off to rehab for at least a few months will do that.

So maybe that's why Mackenzie has been behaving a little strangely lately -- the stress.

But still, her latest comments are pretty darn concerning ...

1. Poor Mackenzie

Poor Mackenzie
Who would have thought that having Ryan Edwards for a husband would be rough?

2. ... Oh

... Oh
Every single person who's ever seen even a second of footage of him from Teen Mom? Yeah, that's kind of what we thought.

3. Real Talk

Real Talk
Ryan has always been the worst, and there's no shortage of evidence of this.

4. Sorry, Ryan

Sorry, Ryan
And we're not even talking about the heroin addiction.

5. What a History

What a History
Ever since we first saw him as Maci's boyfriend in her episode of 16 and Pregnant, he's been self-centered, lazy, mean ... just so many bad things.

6. Use Your Resources

Use Your Resources
There's YEARS of footage of him being a semi-absent father, making poor decisions, and just being not the greatest person in general.

7. You Do You, We Guess

You Do You, We Guess
Still, Mackenzie agreed to marry him just a few months after their relationship began, and a few months after that, they had a wedding in a parking lot without either of their children in attendance and while Ryan was super, super high.

8. Well ...

Well ...
Just in case we're not being clear, this has never been a fairytale romance.

9. Good (?)

Good (?)
Still, Mackenzie stood by Ryan when he went to rehab after their first wedding last year, and she even agreed to have a second wedding with him.

10. Curious

And despite the millions and millions of red flags that essentially make up his entire personality, she got pregnant with his child at the beginning of this year.

11. Yikes

Back in March, Ryan was arrested after violating his probation by failing a drug test -- he was on probation after being found with heroin and syringes last year.

12. More Yikes

More Yikes
Just a few months ago, he was arrested again for violating probation, this time by missing a court date.

13. Good Move

Good Move
Last month, he made the decision to go back to rehab, this time for 90 days.

14. Sad

Unfortunately, that meant that he missed the birth of his second child and his first with Mackenzie, a boy they named Jagger Ryan Edwards.

15. Fair

As she explained in a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, “If I did not love Ryan I would call him the most selfish assh-le ever for missing this."

16. Also Fair

Also Fair
"But this is a drop in the baby’s life," she continued.

17. Right, Right

Right, Right
"If he’s going to miss him being born, but be healthy forever, what more can I ask for?”

18. Way to Be

Way to Be
This is honestly a great outlook, because while it must have been hard for her to have the baby without Ryan, it would be way, way harder if Ryan died of an overdose.

19. Harsh, But True

Harsh, But True
And let's be real, that's definitely the way he was heading.

20. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
So Ryan will probably stay in rehab until January or so, and last we heard, Mackenzie would be awaiting his returm with open arms.

21. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But all of that may have changed, judging by some comments Mackenzie made on Instagram.

22. Aww!

So she posted this new picture with little baby Jagger, and she captioned it "So much fun with my snuggly baby bear today in NYC!"

23. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
She's still not showing the baby's face -- she recently said that she probably never would.

24. Whatever

And that's fine -- lots of people don't like to show their kids' faces on social media, even people who aren't on TV.

25. Extra Fair

Extra Fair
Considering the insane amount of hate she gets constantly, it's probably for the best.

26. Classic

But you know how haters can be ... they're never satisfied.

27. Why Though?

Why Though?
Lots of her followers asked why she'd even post a picture like this if she was going to cover up the baby's face.

28. You Caught Us!

You Caught Us!
"Because then she would get criticized that she never has the baby with her," one person explained. "Would most probably make headlines that he abandons the baby to go to New York or something ridiculous like that."

29. Ha!

"Truest comment I’ve ever read!" Mackenzie replied before giving a shot at a headline for this story:

30. Great Job!

Great Job!
"Mack Edwards flees to NY amid rumors of abandoning her child because she posted a [black heart emoji]," it read.

31. Yay!

First of all, your friends here at The Hollywood Gossip were the ones who began the divorce speculation after she captioned an old photo of Ryan with the black heart emoji, so thanks for the shoutout, girl.

32. What a Gal

What a Gal
Secondly, Mack, you're the one who brought up the idea of abandoning your child, so honestly, you're kind of doing this to yourself.

33. Uh ...

Uh ...
As for why she and Jagger are in New York in the first place, she claimed that she was required to be there for the filming of the Teen Mom OG reunion, but she's not allowed to actually film.

34. 'K

That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but stranger things have happened when it comes to Teen Mom, so we'll go with it.

35. Get It!

Get It!
Several people made comments about her appearance, too, because she's obviously lost all the baby weight already.

36. Nice Attitude

Nice Attitude
Someone asked her where the weight went, and she joked that she "laughed it off," and for her sake, we hope there's some truth in that.

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