Javi Marroquin Relationship Timeline: Did He Get Lauren Pregnant While Still Boning Briana?!

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The Teen Mom franchise has introduced us to some pretty sleazy baby daddies over the years.

And while Javi Marroquin may never be on par with David Eason or Adam Lind, he seems desperate to prove that he's capable of truly sinister behavior.

As you may have heard, Javi's fiancee, Lauren Comeau, welcomed her first child last week.

And the timing of the birth has raised some interesting questions -- and a few accusations -- regarding Marroquin's recent romantic past.

Take a look:

1. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
These days, Javi and Lauren are living out a fantasy of domestic bliss with a house in the suburbs and a new baby boy.

2. Playing House?

Playing House?
But is Javi really ready to settle down this time? Or will this be another failed attempt from Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband?

3. Javi the Player

Javi the Player
After all, within weeks of when Lauren got pregnant, Javi had been involved with two of his exes.

4. Overlap?

The question is, was he sleeping with anyone else at the time that he got Lauren pregnant?

5. Bri on the Case

Bri on the Case
Briana, for one, seems certain that Javi was sleeping around on Lauren while she was carrying his child.

6. The Timeline

The Timeline
Bri's got a compelling case, but we decided to break her claims down to try and determine just how worried Lauren should be about her man's wandering eye.

7. Due Date

Due Date
Lauren delivered her baby about three weeks ahead of schedule. And Bri thinks the whole situation is highly suspect.

8. Shade Thrown

Shade Thrown
In a tweet posted the day after Javi and Lauren welcomed their baby, Bri seems to be strongly implying that Javi was trying to win her back AFTER Lauren got pregnant.

9. Under the Knife

Under the Knife
As you may recall, Javi paid a visit to Bri just before she underwent a plastic surgery procedure in Miami.

10. Last-Ditch Effort

Last-Ditch Effort
The former couple had already ended their short-lived relationship at that point, but Javi seemed desperate to win Bri back.

11. The Right Call

The Right Call
As you can see, it appears that Briana is quite pleased with her decision not to get back together with Javi.

12. Angry Bri

Angry Bri
But clearly, she's still a little miffed about the possibility that Javi might have been trying to lure her into a relationship when he had already been banging Lauren.

13. Does It Add Up?

Does It Add Up?
So is Bri's detective work reliable? Is Lauren's due date evidence of infidelity on Javi's part? Well, not quite ...

14. Close Call

Close Call
Lauren welcomed her baby on November 15. But her due date was December 1 -- exactly ten months after Javi's Miami trip.

15. Anti-Climactic

So while Lauren may have been pregnant when Javi tried to win Bri back, there's no clear evidence to that effect.

16. Shady Days

Shady Days
But unless Lauren got pregnant with Javi's baby the first time they started hooking up again, he was likely trying to win back Bri while he was sleeping with Lauren.

17. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
Now consider the fact that around this time, Javi also slept with his OG baby mama, Kailyn Lowry.

18. He Said-She Said

He Said-She Said
This is where the timeline gets a little blurry, as Kail and Javi both offer different versions of events.

19. Sketchy Stuff

Sketchy Stuff
But we know for a fact that Kail and Javi hooked up after his relationship with Bri ... so right around the time he got Lauren pregnant.

20. Kail Confirms

Kail Confirms
Both parties have verified this. They just disagree on the exact timing of their reunion hook-up.

21. More Than a Hookup

More Than a Hookup
Making the whole situation even more complicated is the fact that this was no mere one-night stand. Kail and Javi actually talked about giving their marriage another shot.

22. Bombshell

Kail says she was blindsided by the news that Javi had gotten another woman pregnant, as she'd been discussing a reconciliation with him just days earlier.

23. Moving On

Moving On
Despite that emotional gut punch, Kail says she wishes Javi and Lauren all the best and harbors no ill will toward the couple.

24. Easier Said Than Done

Easier Said Than Done
Of course, Javi recently revealed that Kail and Lauren have no communication with one another, so that plan might not be working out.

25. Play On, Player

Play On, Player
Needless to say, there was almost certainly some overlap in Javi's relationships, but it seems he got away with it all. Here's hoping Marroquin will put his player ways behind him now that he's a family man again.

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