Leah Messer Admits to Drug Problem: The Shocking Details

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If you've kept up with Teen Mom 2 over the years, then you're definitely familiar with Leah Messer and her ...

Well, her dark times.

A few years ago, she began behaving strangely, as we saw in episodes, and many fans speculated that she'd developed a drug problem.

She was falling asleep while talking on the phone, she temporarily lost custody of her twins to Corey Simms.

And while she's admitted that she did take prescription painkillers for a short period of time after giving birth to her youngest daughter, she's never outright said that she's had a problem with them.

She's definitely never said that a drug problem was to blame for all that questionable behavior.

But in a new episode of her podcast, Leah is finally getting honest.

1. Oh, How Things Have Changed

Oh, How Things Have Changed
Leah Messer may not have the constant trashy drama that Jenelle Evans has, and she may not be as unlikable as Farrah Abraham, but she definitely has one of the most compelling stories on Teen Mom.

2. SO Sad

SO Sad
And hers is definitely the saddest.

3. Some History

Some History
When Leah was in high school, she hooked up with Corey Simms after breaking up with her boyfriend ... and she got pregnant with twins.

4. Moving So Fast

They did the traditional thing and got engaged, then married, even though obviously they were too young for absolutely all of that.

5. Oh, Leah

They ended up getting divorced because Leah cheated on him, and also because they were just pretty incompatible about a lot of things.

6. Enough, Please

Oh, and one of their twins has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and doctors can't be sure exactly what course the disease will take.

7. And Then?

And as if all that wasn't enough hardship for one lifetime, Leah quickly married Jeremy Calvert after divorcing Corey, and they had a daughter of their own.

8. Ding Dang, Leah

Ding Dang, Leah
But they divorced, too, because Leah cheated on him.

9. Too Much

The cheating wasn't the only issue though, and that's what we're going to get into today.

10. Coming Clean

Coming Clean
Because now, for the very first time, Leah has admitted that she struggled with drug use during that time.

11. Good Job, Girl

Good Job, Girl
And honestly, it's a pretty big deal.

12. Hmmm

Fans have speculated on this topic for a long, long time now -- ever since she appeared to nod off in episodes from a few seasons ago.

13. Yikes

In one scene, she was having a phone conversation when she just sort of faded off, and in another, she was holding her baby niece and did the same thing.

14. A Struggle

A Struggle
Later, we saw her struggle to get her older kids to school on time, or even to feed them proper meals.

15. The Truth?

The Truth?
She did spend a month in a treatment center, but for the longest time, she insisted it was for problems with depression and anxiety, not drugs.

16. Finally

In a new episode of her new podcast, Life Reboot, she's giving the whole story with the help of Jeremy.

17. Confession Time

Confession Time
“I do know how it feels to become dependent on anything given by a doctor,” she began.

18. Crashing Down

Crashing Down
“Not only was I losing my kids but I was basically losing my life, my husband, everything. Everything was crashing down on me.”

19. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
The whole thing started when she gave birth to her daughter with Jeremy -- she said that when she got her epidural, "they injected me like 13 times," and then "in the hospital I couldn’t get up and they just put me on morphine pump. I kept telling Jeremy, ‘Something’s not right.'"

20. Get It Together, Hospital

Get It Together, Hospital
“I spent three days in the hospital and they weren’t figuring out what the problem was," she continued. "They were just keeping me on medicine. It goes into four days and I kept saying something was not right… I leave the hospital and it still doesn’t get better at home."

21. Whoa

After that, she said she was prescribed three different drugs for three months -- she didn't name them here, but in an earlier interview, she admitted that she'd been prescribed Hydrocodone, Percocet, and Tylenol 3.

22. A Big Turnaround

A Big Turnaround
Up until this point, she'd always refused medicine like that because her biological father struggled with drug addiction, but Jeremy said that after she came home from the hospital, she needed painkillers because "she was in constant pain."

23. Wow

According to Leah, her pain was so bad that even morphine didn't help, which is pretty wild to think about, right?

24. But Wait

But Wait
As for those infamous scenes when she nodded off?

25. Easy, Killer

She explained that she went to see her doctor after dealing with all that pain "because I thought that maybe there was something else wrong with me," and they prescribed her diazepam, which is Valium, and that's what caused her to nod off.

26. What a Time

What a Time
According to Jeremy, she continued getting painkillers, too -- from her father.

27. Falling Apart

Falling Apart
“Jeremy and I started having issues," Leah recounted. "Then, after Jeremy and I started having issues, then Corey stepped in."

28. Sorry, MTV

Sorry, MTV
But it wasn't as bad as it seemed, because she claimed that MTV "would make it look— I’ll just go ahead and say, even though I’m under contract—- they did make it look sometimes worse than it was, and they played it on longer than it actually was.”

29. Go Off, Jeremy

“You also had MTV putting their f-cking two cents on it, when they had no business with it,” Jeremy said. “Our marriage and some of the things they wanted to have a hold on wasn’t anyone’s business besides ours."

30. Support

But MTV did get her into rehab in 2015, where she got treatment for both addiction and trauma.

31. Time for Leah

Time for Leah
“You want to know what I learned most from going to treatment?" Leah asked. "I had never had a time to not only get better, but I had a month to get into who I was…a sneak peek of who I was. I had kids at 17. I never had any time for Leah."

32. That's ... Good?

That's ... Good?
“When I was in treatment… I honestly felt like it was a month in college. Most people have that four years of college, but I had that month. It was an eye-opener and a spiritual awakening.”

33. Poor Leah

Poor Leah
Isn't it kind of sad that she looks at it like that? She loves her children, obviously, but with three daughters, one of them with a terminal illness, she's definitely right in that she never got a chance to get to know herself.

34. It's Not All Bad

It's Not All Bad
Still despite going through so much, she says that she doesn't "feel ashamed" about any of it.

35. Good!

And now, after all that, she feels like “I’m in a much better place than I was."

36. Looking Good!

It really is crazy to think that all of that happened just a few short years ago, isn't it?

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