Kailyn Lowry: Briana DeJesus Needs Her Ass Kicked!

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During the most recent Teen Mom 2 reunion show, Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus got into a scuffle.

In fact, they threw down (or attempted to) on two separate occasions, and the only reason neither girl left on a stretcher is that they were closely monitored by security guards;

The situation was so bad that Chelsea Houska refused to return to the set the following day because she was concerned about the possibility of further violence.

Now, Kailyn is telling her side of the story for the first time, and the woman definitely deserves points for honesty ...

1. Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea
Kail has a reputation for being 100 percent candid, but fans were still surprised and impressed by how forthcoming she was when discussing the fight on her Coffee Convos podcast this week.

2. Reunion Throwdown

Reunion Throwdown
Kail and Briana have never gotten along, but their rivalry reached new heights at last month's reunion taping.

3. A Two-Round Bout

A Two-Round Bout
On-set witnesses say Kail and Briana went after each other on two separate occasions, but security guards were able to intervene both times.

4. An Off-Camera Scuffle

An Off-Camera Scuffle
The co-stars first locked horns backstage and off-camera when Kail asked Briana to sit down with her and work out their differences. Needless to say, that didn't work out ...

5. Front Row Seats

Front Row Seats
The second bout had an audience, as Briana went after Kail on set, in full view of the entire cast and an MTV camera crew.

6. Opening Up

Opening Up
Needless to say, the reunion special should be a doozy, but to hold us over until then, we have Kail's account of what happened. The TM2 fan favorite opened up while discussing the fight with Lindsie Chrisley this week ...

7. Two "Fights," No Hits

Two "Fights," No Hits
"I will clarify that I did not get beat up. Briana and I did not hit each other,” Kail began.

8. The Set-Up

The Set-Up
"I did confront her in a room, no cameras, and yes I did want to punch her and yes, I did try,” Kail said. “The security guards got me before I could.”

9. The Instigator

The Instigator
While she didn't come right out and admit it, Kail also didn't deny that she was the instigator of the backstage drama.

10. Thirsty For Vengeance

Thirsty For Vengeance
At that point, the ladies returned to the set, and not surprisingly, it wasn't long before Briana attempted to finish what she and Kail had started backstage.

11. Surprised ... But Not Surprised

Surprised ... But Not Surprised
“When she came out guns blazing I can’t say that I was surprised,” Kail said. “But I certainly didn’t expect for [Briana’s sister] Brittany [DeJesus] to come up behind me and pull my hair. I did not expect that.”

12. Caught Off Guard

Caught Off Guard
Kail says Bri attacked her from behind, a strategy she attempted to fend off ahead of time.

13. Added Security

Added Security
“I texted three producers [beforehand] and said I was uncomfortable with her behind me because obviously I couldn’t see what she was doing or what she would have done,” Kail said.

14. The Real Threat

The Real Threat
But for all the trouble caused by Briana, it was her sister who was finally able to make physical contact with Kail.

15. Bad Brittany

Bad Brittany
“I get up, walk away and here [Brittany] comes, running up behind me, she pulls my hair," Lowry recalled.

16. A Scary Scene

A Scary Scene
Kail says Briana made every effort to try and lay hands on her. And in the process, she created a scene that won't soon be forgotten by those who witnessed it.

17. The Exorcism of Briana DeJesus

The Exorcism of Briana DeJesus
"I’ve never heard anything like the sounds I heard coming out of Briana’s mouth,” Kail said. “She sounded and looked like an exorcism was occurring!

18. A Real Tantrum

A Real Tantrum
"She threw lamps and vases and she was screaming. I’ve honestly never seen anything like that," Kail continued. We're sure Bri will soon offer her up her own version of events, but no matter what happened that day, one thing is for sure ...

19. We Can't WAIT to See This Reunion!

We Can't WAIT to See This Reunion!
Can Teen Mom 2 just skip the rest of the season and cut right to the reunion? We need to see what really went down ASAP!

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