Javi Marroquin: The Best Reactions to His Big Baby News!

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So hey, how are you feeling about the big news that Javi is going to be a father again?

Probably pretty weird, right?

It seems like good news, for the most part -- Javi and his girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, are happy about it, at least.

But there are still a lot of questions about the whole thing, because wasn't he dating Briana DeJesus and/or trying to get back with Kailyn Lowry not too long ago?

It's a whole lot to unpack, and a lot of people have a lot of feelings about it all.

So let's just get into it, all right?

1. Baby Time!

Baby Time!
Yeah, so Javi is having a baby with Lauren Comeau, that girl he dated long distance for a few weeks last year before getting with Briana DeJesus. They started dating again in March, and now ... well, now this is happening.

2. Yep, This is Real Life

Yep, This is Real Life
So he and Briana broke up in January, he and Lauren began dating again in March, and this is what's happening now, less than three months later.

3. Good Question!

Good Question!
Kailyn responded to the news by sharing a link and asking "what is life?", which seems fair. She did add that she already knew about the news, and that she wishes Javi and Lauren well.

4. A Word from Briana

A Word from Briana
In an official statement, Briana said something similar, telling Us Weekly "I’m happy for them. I wish them nothing but the best. I don’t wish it was my baby." Cute, right?

5. Teen Mom Bros

Teen Mom Bros
Tyler Baltierra from Teen Mom OG was quick to offer a nice word -- like a genuinely nice word, not the weird cattiness that Javi's exes have been offering.

6. Aww, Taylor!

Aww, Taylor!
Taylor McKinney, Maci's husband, gave him a shout out as well.

7. And Then, Twitter

And Then, Twitter
But in addition to all of that, we have the reactions of Twitter -- the Teen Mom fans themselves. And many of them are pretty heated about all of this.

8. Weird Timeline, Huh?

Weird Timeline, Huh?
One thing that's been confusing us all is the idea that Javi has only been with Lauren for a little over two months now, but she's already got a noticeable baby bump. How does that work?

9. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
This is Lauren's first kid, and even if she got pregnant immediately when she and Javi got back together, it seems odd that she's already showing this much. She does look like a very small person though -- maybe her uterus just doesn't have anywhere to go but out?

10. Paternity Issues Already?!

Paternity Issues Already?!
Well, we guess this could be an option, too.

11. Conspiracy

Not gonna lie, this whole situation is pretty bizarre. Did Javi cheat on Briana with Lauren? Is this a Benjamin Button situation? For real, what's happening?

12. Javi = Amber?

Javi = Amber?
When you get compared to Amber Portwood, you know you've taken a wrong turn in life. Back up, bro.

13. Poor Lincoln

Poor Lincoln
Will no one think of the children?! Serious question.

14. Shocker

Words can hurt, friends.

15. Keep It in Your Pants

Keep It in Your Pants
It's true, we do have eyes. And they've been bugging out at these maternity pictures.

16. Motivation

A little bit of optimism for a change, nice!

17. Listen Up, TM Crew

Listen Up, TM Crew
What if we told you that you could have lots and lots of sex with lots and lots of different people WITHOUT anyone getting pregnant? Would that not blow your mind?!

18. A Snake

A Snake
Sorry, Javi. The winds are a-changin'.


Why are you like this, Javi? Just ... why?

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