Chelsea Houska: QUITTING Teen Mom 2 Due to Escalating Violence?

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You might not expect a show called Teen Mom 2 to feature much in the way of gunplay and fistfights, but at this point, fans aren't even surprised by news of yet another violent incident involving the show's notorious cast.

Over the weekend, the annual TM2 reunion show taping once again erupted in violence with a pair of incidents involving the embattled Kailyn Lowry.

Lowry had her hair pulled by Brittany DeJesus, and she later challenged Briana DeJesus to a fight.

This was all too much for the pregnant Chelsea Houska, who's been vocal in her criticism of the show in recent weeks.

Now, it looks as though the incidents may have been the final straw for Chelsea who appears to be fed up with life as a reality star ...

1. Done With the Drama?

Done With the Drama?
Chelsea leads a much more drama-free life than her co-stars, and it seems she has every intention of keeping it that way.

2. Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Chelsea recently made it quite clear to TM2 producers that she won't tolerate any undue stress or put herself in harm's way just for the sake of creating compelling television.

3. The Incident

The Incident
Chelsea was on set when Kailyn threw down with Brittany DeJesus and challenged her sister, Briana DeJesus to a fight. (Briana apparently had no interest in fisticuffs.) And it seems Houska was very upset by what she saw.

4. Storming Off

Storming Off
According to on-set sources, Chelsea angrily left the taping ahead of schedule after Saturday's fight.

5. Unhappy Houska

Unhappy Houska
Witnesses say Chelsea was “very upset” following the fight, and she and her entourage reportedly made a beeline back to their hotel.

6. Making Her Voice Heard

Making Her Voice Heard
The next day, Chelsea doubled-down and refused to return to set as scheduled.

7. On Strike

On Strike
“[The producers] tried to convince Chelsea to come on Sunday, but she still refused,” one insider tells The Ashley.

8. An Uncertain Future?

An Uncertain Future?
Now, it seems Chelsea's future on the show might be uncertain, as she's become the latest mom to violate her contract but refusing to fulfill professional obligations.

9. Empty Promises?

Empty Promises?
"Chelsea had been promised by the producers that precautions were being taken to ensure no fights broke out and that she would be safe,” a source tells The Ashley.

10. Blaming Her Bosses

Blaming Her Bosses
“That’s what she was saying as she left the set on Saturday. She was angry that MTV basically set it all up to happen this way," the insider continues.

11. One Complicated Reunion

One Complicated Reunion
So now the reunion might not feature Chelsea Houska or Jenelle Evans, as Jenelle decided not to make the trip to NYC for this year's taping.

12. Improvising

Sources say producers are desperately trying to figure out a way to feature the entire cast, and they're taking unprecedented actions in order to do so.

13. A Visit to the Land

A Visit to the Land
According to The Ashley, MTV is planning to fly Dr. Drew Pinksy out Jenelle's property in North Carolina (which Evans has famously dubbed "the Land") in order to shoot her segments for the reunion.

14. Fair Is Fair

Fair Is Fair
Understandably, Chelsea reportedly feels that if Jenelle receives special accommodations for being stubborn, she should receive the same treatment for being concerned about her safety.

15. Putting Her Foot Down

Putting Her Foot Down
“Chelsea told producers that if they can make those kind of accommodations for Jenelle, they can do the same for her and figure something out,” says the insider.

16. Losing Control?

Losing Control?
It seems the inmates are running the asylum these days, as TM2 producers are being forced to cede more and more control to the show's cast.

17. Not Alone

Not Alone
Chelsea's not the only one who wanted nothing to do with the show following Saturday's violence. Kailyn Lowry's first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, also stormed off set and didn't return.

18. What's Next?

What's Next?
Chelsea hasn't quit the show, but it seems she has no interest in continuing the way things are. She even made her displeasure clear in a recent Twitter rant...

19. Things Have Changed

Things Have Changed
When a fan complained that Chelsea barely appeared in a recent episode, Houska replied, "I'm almost positive that I’m barely in the next one too lol didn’t you know teen mom 2 isn’t actually even about being a mom anymore?!" We think it's safe to say she's not thrilled with the show's new direction.

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