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It’s been a tough time for Joe Giudice lately.

Of course, the last five years have been one tough time after another for Joe, so maybe it’s the new normal for him at this point.

Still, even by that standard, it’s tough.

Joe was deported to Italy following his prison sentence for tax evasion, and now his family can’t even visit due to the pandemic.

That’s an especially painful development, as it seems one bright spot on the horizon has been keeping Joe going this summer.

We’re talking, of course, about his reunion with Teresa.

This week, Joe opened up about the dwindling possibility of seeing his ex again, which is brutal since he clearly wants to so bad.

He also delved into some new developments in his life and his family’s, including his teen daughter Gia Giudice’s nose job.

Take a look at what the patriarch had to say.