Jenelle Evans: I Can't Find Work 'Cause Everyone Hates Me!

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To put it mildly, former Teen Mom 2 star, social media figure and police blotter mainstay Jenelle Evans isn't having the greatest luck with her career (and we use the term loosely) right now.

And that's for a lot of reasons.

Really, it all boils down to her being a bad person, being married to an even worse person, and refusing to even entertain about the possibility of pursuing some modest personal growth.

It's been looking like business opportunities are drying up left and right for the Carolina Hurricane, but she did get the chance to make an appearance at a weed dispensary in Oregon this week.

Jenelle is obsessed with weed, after all.

In a different world, someone might be able to marry that passion with some professional opportunities as an influencer. But this is Jenelle.

Everything she touches falls apart. This is no different.

Here is the story about how that this recent trip plummeted quickly from "high" (see what we did there) to the depths of absolute hell ...

1. Bless Her Heart

Bless Her Heart
All right, so we all know that Jenelle isn't the most employable person in the world, right?

2. Not Much Experience

Not Much Experience
As far as we can tell, she worked as a waitress for a little bit in the early days of Teen Mom 2, and she went to school to be a medical assistant but it doesn't look like she ever actually got her certification.

3. If Only ...

If Only ...
She did make a ton of money on the show, but she was fired last year because she and David wouldn't cooperate with the network's refusal to film with him around, and also because he killed her dog and they temporarliy lost custody of their kids.

4. Eyebrow Kits!

Eyebrow Kits!
After that, she tried to transition into owning a makeup brand, which can be very lucrative, but she let that fall apart, too.

5. Sponsored

She's tried to do sponsored posts on social media, but every time she does, there's a ton of backlash directed towards whatever company she partnered with, and then the company cuts ties with her.

6. Hmmm

She keeps talking about something big coming, and she's been hinting that she'll be back on TV soon, but right now it looks like that's all talk.

7. What a Mess

What a Mess
David won't work, and everytime she tries to work it doesn't work out, but they've got three kids full-time, child support for another, that huge tax debt and David's legal expenses.

8. Finally!

That's probably why they jumped at the opportunity to make an appearance at a weed dispensary in Oregon.

9. Wow

Yep, Jenelle and David dumped the kids somewhere and travelled all the way from North Carolina to Oregon for an appearance. At a weed store. During a pandemic.

10. What an Event

What an Event
The dispensary posted about it on their social media pages -- Jenelle was supposed to be there Friday afternoon to meet with people and they were going to stream it as well.

11. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate
They got a lot of backlash for this, because that's what always happens, but they didn't care -- they even an image that just read "Haters Gonna Hate," and in the caption for that photo they wrote that they were still welcoming Jenelle and David "WITH OPEN ARMS."

12. Cancelled

But they did end up changing their minds -- first they turned off comments on all of their Instagram posts, then they deleted all the posts about Jenelle and David. They also told people who contacted them directly that the event had been cancelled.

13. Did It Though?

Did It Though?
Did that bother Jenelle? Yeah, obviously.


She posted this message on her Instagram story, writing that "There was never an event I was "suppose to appear at."

15. ... Huh?

... Huh?
"I am on a business trip and traveled for one specific reason," she continued, before adding "I chose not to attend because of harassment and threats."

16. Honestly

It's funny because she's saying that there was never an event, but she ended up choosing not to attend the event which she was never "suppose to appear at" in the first place.

17. OK Girl

OK Girl
She continued the weirdness by saying that she'd been "Receiving a lot of messages and I'm very sorry if you expected to meet me" at this event that may have not even been real but that she also cancelled because she didn't feel safe.

18. Oh Thank Goodness

Oh Thank Goodness
"There will be later dates in the future for another opportunity to connect with me!" she assured all those heartbroken fans. "Maybe do a live session on IG? Idk."

19. Hooray!

One good thing did come out of the trip though -- she said she was able to finally find a Nintendo Switch for Kaiser after looking for a while. So that's something.

20. Cool

It doesn't seem like there are any hard feelings between Jenelle and the weed dispensary -- she posted a TikTok there about being "obsessed" with marijuana, which feels right.

21. Fun Tour Visit

Fun Tour Visit
She also posted another video, surrounded by plants, claiming that "what had happened was" that she and David just came all the way out to Oregon for a "fun tour visit," which may be our new favorite Jenelle-ism.

22. Suspicious

But in the background of the video, cameras were visible as well as other photography equipment, so perhaps her business relationship with the dispensary isn't done after all.

23. What a Ride

What a Ride
This story is just like one great big dumb onion, isn't it? There are so many layers, and each is more ridiculous than the last.

24. Sorry, But LOL

Sorry, But LOL
We know we've already said this, but really just think about it: Jenelle and David went across the whole entire country during a pandemic to make an appearance at a weed dispensary that got cancelled because people dislike them so much. Is that not just an absolute trip?

25. The Real Question

The Real Question
What sort of wacky adventure do you think Jenelle is going to get into next?!

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