Joe Giudice Openly Thirsts After Teresa: Take Me Back, Babe!

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Joe Giudice is waiting eagerly to have a reunion with his daughters some time soon.

In the mean time, he is not being shy at all about thirsting after his ex, Teresa. Divorce doesn't mean that you're not thirsty.

Teresa Giudice Black and White "Challenge Accepted" Photo

Like a number of celebrities, Teresa Giudice posted a black and white photo of herself.

"Challenge Accepted" is about an endless chain of women supporting other women. Which ... sure, why not?

But if you look at the comments, you can see that one person happily supporting Teresa is decidedly not a woman.

Teresa Giudice "challenge" caption with Joe Giudice thirst emojis

Joe Giudice, Teresa's ex, popped up in the replies.

He sent her a thumbs up emoji, which is simple and curt enough.

Joe also sent her a red rose emoji and a red heart emoji. This guy's heart is horny, and so is the rest of him.

Joe Giudice Mocks the Lockdown

The three responses below were not from Teresa or any other big names.

Instead, one asked him how he's doing, as if they were friends. Another told him to give it up, that she's not his wife anymore.

And another told that second person that they were being rude AF. Typical comments thread.

Joe Giudice is Visibly Sad

Joe is very well aware that his marriage to Teresa is over.

That hit home for him on camera, in fact, as Teresa declined to share a bed with him even when they reunited in Italy.

The two have officially begun the divorce process, but are being fairly amicable.

Joe Giudice on a Sofa

Many couples grow apart after years (or decades) of marriage.

But in their case, the distance was ordered by the court, first through back-to-back prison sentences and then by Joe's tragic deportation.

Teresa is not going to divide her life between the US and Italy.

Joe Giudice and Family

Joe may have no illusions about a reunion with Teresa, but he has his heart set on seeing his daughters again.

His four Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana are all very attached to their father and want to see him again soon.

And they will ... but that may be a little complicated.

Joe Giudice Wears a Facemask

As you may have noticed, a devastating global pandemic has been raging for nearly 5 months now.

So far, in part thanks to careful measures to flatten the curve through lockdowns, social distancing, and mask-wearing, "only" 655,000 have died.

Those global numbers are sure to increase -- especially as the US continues to be ravaged while the Federal government does nothing to help.

Joe Giudice in Shades

Italy was one of the first parts of the West to be hit hard by COVID-19, and Joe was there to witness it.

Now, his ex and his daughters are in the country of greatest impact.

At the moment, Americans are barred from most places in the world because the spread is so out of control here.

Joe Giudice Sees His Girls Again

Joe does hope to meet up with the girls when he can, and he hopes that it will be soon.

HollywoodLife reports that they are making plans to see him in The Bahamas in the fall.

They may not want to count their eggs before they hatch, however.

Milania Giudice With Curls and Joe Giudice

See, The Bahamas banned Americans from traveling there this month, afraid that tourists will spread COVID-19 like a deranged, maskless Karen in a Costco.

In light of that, they may not be able to find an easy "neutral ground" on which to meet.

Many of us are trying to make the best of this lockdown, but it's important to remain conscious of those whose lives are being turned upside down.

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