Gia Giudice, 19, Brags About Nose Job: I Love It!

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In the very famous play Hamilton (maybe you've heard of it, or even seen it), Lin-Manuel Miranda famously raps:

"I'm only 19 but my mind is older."

Now, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Gia Giudice has put her own twist on this iconic lyric.

Gia with Mom

The Rutgers University sophomore is basically saying to the world:

"I'm only 19 but I'm old enough to undergo plastic surgery!"

Gia, the oldest daughter of Teresa and Joe Giudice, has, however, confirmed that she recently went under the knife.

Gia and Teresa G.

"yes I got a nose job. yes I’m swollen," Gia wrote Friday on Instagram, thankiing her surgeon by name and maybe even getting a free procedure out of the promotion ... who knows! Influencers!

"thank you so much @drtobiasnyc I’m absolutely in love with it," Gia added.

Gia in a Bathing Suit

Clearly aware that she and/or her polarizing parent might garner some backlash due to her young age, Gia jumped in and tried to cut off this criticism before it spiraled out of control.

She concluded her post as follows:

"I am an adult now."

Teresa, Gia

"This has been an insecurity of mine for a while and I’ve never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!" Gia added.

Of course, it's not technically her own skin now.

That's sort of the whole point. But in all seriousness, insecurity is a real thing for young women and it is an interesting topic to debate: Whether they should get surgery such as this to help.

Gia Giudice Instagram

In addition to posting about how she “adores” her daughter, Teresa showed support for her eldest child's decision in the Instagram post’s comments.

“Couldn’t be more proud of you,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star wrote.

“You are beautiful inside and out. Love you to infinity and beyond."

Joe Giudice Stands in the Cold with Gia Giudice

Prior to this procedure, Gia mostly made headlines of late for reacting to her father's deportation.

After a judge decreed that Joe Giudice had to reside abroad because he commited a felony as a non-U.S. citizen, Gia appealed to Donald Trump to try and get this immigration ruling overturned.

Alas, she failed.

Gia Giudice on IG

After his release from prison, Joe was detained in ICE custody pending a decision in his immigration case; Joe opted to appeal from his home country rather than remain in those horrific conditions.

He now lives in Italy and is in the process of getting a divorce from Teresa.

We feel pretty badly for their kids as a result.

Gia and Joe Giudice

Back to the plastic surgery thing ... Teresa said in 2019 that she'd be cool with her daughters seeking such procedures.

However, the Bravo personality's one stipulation was that they needed to be at least 21 years old first. 

Guess 19 is close enough?

Joe Giudice With Daughters

At the time, Teresa confessed to being “all about plastic surgery but not [for] teenagers.”

Moreover, the Bravo personality said that she would prohibit a then 18-year-old Gia from going under the knife until then.

“No, I wouldn’t let Gia do anything for a while,” she said.

Giudice, Gia

“I mean I guess you know, after your 20s, if you want to do something like after 21," mused the mother of four.

"You got to make sure your body’s fully grown."

"Or I know like young girls get their noses done and I think, you know, if you got a big nose, you might as well fix it. Why not?"

Teresa Giudice Mask

Earlier this year, the reality star herself revealed that she underwent her second breast augmentation in nearly a dozen years.

“I believe it’s important to always stand strong and feel like your best, most confident self,” Teresa wrote via Instagram in January.

“I am so thankful for Dr. Preminger @premingermd."

Teresa Giudice is Backstage

"She was amazing and so professional," added Teresa. "I absolutely loved her and could not be happier with the results.”

Teresa looks amazing these days, for sure. One only hopes she's teaching Gia the right lessons regarding self-image.

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