Jeremy Calvert on Leah Messer: I Banged Her Brains Out, Baby!

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At this point, we're beginning to feel a bit like Leah Messer's daughters.

We want her to get back together with Jeremy Calvert, if only so that we can put an end to the constant "will they or won't they?" questions.

Back in February, Leah and Jeremy hooked up while they were both in New York for a Teen Mom 2 reunion taping.

Ever since, the two have been dancing around the issue of reconciliation.

Here's the latest on this glacially-paced romance, including a long-awaited confirmation on Leah's relationship status:

1. Just the Two of Them

Just the Two of Them
We know that Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are hooking up. But are they planning to give their marriage another shot? Well, that's a different story.

2. Memory Lane

Memory Lane
As you probably recall, Leah and Jeremy are parents to daughter Adalynn, but their marriage was rather short-lived.

3. Taking Their Time

Taking Their Time
Based on what we've seen this season, it appears that both parties are still interested in one another romantically -- they're just taking their sweet time making it official.

4. Reunion Raging

Reunion Raging
While they were both in New York for the reunion, Leah and Jeremy hit the town together for a night of drinking that stretched well into the morning.

5. Busted!

Leah's sister, Victoria Messer, joined her on the trip and called her out for returning to her hotel room at 7 am the following day.

6. Yeah, Right ...

Yeah, Right ...
Jeremy claimed that he and Leah had simply met up very early in order to go to the hotel gym together, an explanation that absolutely no one believes.

7. Traveling Man

Traveling Man
Jeremy's job as a pipe fitter often has him on the road, which is one reason that his romance with Leah has rekindled so slowly.

8. Back At It

Back At It
But as he breezed back into town on last night's TM2, Jeremy and Leah got down to business, if ya know what we mean.

9. Keeping It Vague

Keeping It Vague
“What’s the update on you and Jeremy?” Victoria asked, to which Leah replied, “Well, last night we went out. And we ended up staying the night”

10. Hard Times

Hard Times
A seemingly disappointed Leah confirmed that there was “no status” to report on the relationship front, prompting Victoria to reply, “So it’s just a hookup?”

11. Getting Defensive

Getting Defensive
“WTF? A hookup? I think we’re just going with whatever the flow is, but he said he might be coming to Hawaii," responded an irate Leah,

12. Island Time

Island Time
Yes, Hawaii. Along with her BFF Kailyn Lowry, Leah takes lots of exotic vacations -- and this time, Jeremy planned to join her.

13. Differing Responses

Differing Responses
And why is Jeremy joining them on this particular trip? Well, that depends on whose story you believe.

14. We Like the Latter Answer

We Like the Latter Answer
When Victoria asked, Leah claimed that it was because Jeremy had never been. Conversely, Calvert replied that he was invited because he “banged” Leah’s “brains out."

15. Downplaying the Situation

Downplaying the Situation
Interestingly, Calvert was more modest when describing the situation to his buddy Cam, saying that he was interested in the family trip simply since it had “been a long time” since he and Leah went away together and “Hawaii would be great”

16. All About Addie

All About Addie
Calvert added that the situation “was normal as hell” when he and Leah went out recently, and he claims that when Addie got sick it “opened” their eyes and now they “co-parent well.”

17. Keeping His Options Open

Keeping His Options Open
However, asked by Cam if he and Leah are officially back together, Jeremy played it coy, replying, “I don’t know. We’re still single at this very moment”

18. He's Got a Point

He's Got a Point
Jeremy added that he's hesitant to reunite with Leah largely because he believes Addie “will remember” it if it doesn't work out.

19. Is It Finally Time?

Is It Finally Time?
So will Jeremy and Leah finally make their relationship official in Hawaii? Tune in to the next episode of Teen Mom 2, when that question will maybe, possible be answered!

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