Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert on Instagram: Hey, Everybody! We're Boning!

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It's been four years since Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert got divorced.

But either they regret the decision, or they're both really bored -- because these two just can't seem to quit one another.

We've known for quite some time that Leah and Jeremy are still hooking up.

Now, however, it looks like Adalynn's parents are involved in an arrangement that very much resembles a relationship -- and they want the whole world to know about it.

Take a look:

1. Exes No More?

Exes No More?
Yes, Leah and Jeremy have remained close in the years since their split. In fact, they've made no effort to hide the fact that they're still doin' it.

2. Making It Work

Making It Work
Jeremy and Leah's marriage was a nightmare, but somehow, their post-marriage relationship seems to be working out.

3. Reunion Hook Ups

Reunion Hook Ups
Case in point, the two seemed to very much enjoy each other's company when they were both in New York for the latest Teen Mom 2 reunion taping.

4. More Than a Fling

More Than a Fling
Again, it could be that the trip provided an excuse for an extended hook-up session, but Leah and Jeremy appeared to enjoy each other's company outside of the hotel room, as well.

5. What's Up Now?

What's Up Now?
Of course, that was back in April, and Jeremy's job often keeps him on the road. Is Leah and Jeremy's flame still burning bright all these months later?

6. Stronger Than Ever

Stronger Than Ever
Tough to say for sure, but they may have just given us our surest sign yet that their relationship is more than sexual.

7. The Center Of Their World

The Center Of Their World
The thing that brings Leah and Jeremy together more than mutual affection, of course, is their daughter, Adalynn.

8. They Grow Up So Fast

They Grow Up So Fast
These days, Adalynn is 6, and while she spends most of her time living with Leah, it appears that Jeremy is still a major part of her life.

9. Spirit Week

Spirit Week
For example, it looks as though Addie is staying with Jeremy this week. But it was Leah who shared the first-grader's fresh spirit week get-up.

10. Praise For Dad

Praise For Dad
“Crazy sock day How is my baby so big you guys? #spiritweek @calvertmtv505,” she captioned the pic.

11. A Flirty Interaction

A Flirty Interaction
“O dad did pretty good with the outfits @leahdawn92mtv picked out lol," Calvert replied.

12. More Props

More Props
“I have to give it to ol dad. Props to you I was worried hahaha,” Leah responded.

13. Get a Room!

Get a Room!
“Blahaha it all worked out after she got in a good mood…" Calvert replied.

14. What's REALLY Going On?

What's REALLY Going On?
Obviously, that's quite a lengthy back-and-forth over a pair of socks, and it led many fans to speculate that there's much more going on here.

15. Slow Reveal

Slow Reveal
These days, TM2 storylines play out as much on social media as on TV -- but fans are learning a lot more about Jeremy and Leah's situation as the current season unfolds.

16. Leah's Confession

Leah's Confession
“We went out to the pub across the street, had a few drinks. And he was like, ‘You’re not going to your hotel tonight.’ And I thought, ‘Am I not going to my hotel room tonight?'” Messer said in a recent episode, as she recalled Reunion Week. “One thing led to another.”

17. The 'Shippers

The 'Shippers
And it seems no one is pushing for a full-blown reconciliation quite as hard as Leah's three daughters.

18. Old Enough to Know What's Going On

Old Enough to Know What's Going On
“All my kids want me to be with Jeremy but I don’t want to rush into anything,” Messer said. “Addy is 6 and she’s not a baby. I don’t want to confuse her."

19. Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations
"I don’t want the fantasy of her wanting us to get back together to affect her — I want her to see us in a good place,” Leah added.

20. Smart Move

Smart Move
We can see why she might want to avoid getting the kid's hopes up. But what about he thousands of Teen Mom 2 viewers who also want Leah to get back with Jeremy?

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