90 Day Fiance Season 7 Trailer Teases Prenups, Age Gaps, and Secrets!

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As excited as we already are to see another 90 Day Fiance spinoff in the works, there's nothing like the original series, is there?

Original recipe 90 Day Fiance returns on November 3, and like all seven of the spinoffs it has now inspired, it's filled to the brim with drama.

We're talking age gaps, gold diggers, and people keeping major life details a secret from their families.

One of the stars has more baby mamas than your after Teen Mom dad. One of the stars gets accused of being a sex worker.

Some fans hold out hope that there will be a secret, eighth couple made up of familiar faces: Steven and Olga.

But whether or not that's the case, these seven couples are bringing more than enough drama -- with just the right amount of genuine romance.

Will love be enough to overcome their hurdles?

Take a look at the couples and then at the trailer below and decide for yourself.


90 Day Fiance Season 7 introduces Anna, a mother-of-three from Nebraska, and Mursel, from Turkey. Both are 38 years old.

2. They're clearly very sweet

They're clearly very sweet
These two bonded at first, no joke, over a mutual love of beekeeping. Even with a bit of a language barrier, a romance bloomed between them.

3. The two met up in Turkey

The two met up in Turkey
It wasn't long after that Mursel proposed over social media. She said yes!

4. But ...

But ...
Mursel's family does not yet know that she is a mother. Apparently they would disapprove of her having children out of a wedlock. That might not matter to most people, but it could fracture their relationship. As you can see in the trailer, standing up to his family may be beyond his abilities.


90 Day Fiance Season 7 introduces Blake, a 29-year-old from LA, and Jasmin, a 27-year-old from Finland.

6. First, they met online

First, they met online
Later, they had their first face-to-face meeting (on the outernet) in Finland.

7. They're clearly crazy about each other

They're clearly crazy about each other
Seriously. That's some non-stop PDA.

8. But ...

But ...
Blake's friends were suspicious even as he planned to propose on his second trip to Finland. And their suspicions increased when they learned that Jasmin's sister had won the Green Card lottery and just happens to be living in the same city in which Blake lives. Hmmm ...


90 Day Fiance Season 7 introduces Emily, a 28-year-old from Oregon, and Sasha, a 31-year-old from Russia.

10. First of all, Emily is preggo

First of all, Emily is preggo
After finishing college, she moved to Russia to teach English. While there, she met a serious hottie at the gym and became his tutor while he became her trainor.

11. You can see how this happened ...

You can see how this happened ...
As the Kylie Jenner meme says: the next thing that she knew, she was pregnant.

12. But ...

But ...
Sasha is already a father of two ... each with a separate ex. And it doesn't sound like these were very far apart. Does ... does he know about vasectomies?


90 Day Fiance Season 7 introduces Michael, a 41-year-old from Connecticut, and Juliana, a strikingly younger 23-year-old hottie from Brazil.

14. We know what you're thinking

We know what you're thinking
A hot 23-year-old and a rich 41-year-old? The only part that would be novel about this story on 90 Day Fiance is if Michael is actually rich and not just pretending to have more money than he has.

15. Michael knows what you're thinking, too

Michael knows what you're thinking, too
These two met at a yacht party in Croatia, which is already enough to make your skin crawl. It turns out that Juliana's inability to get a tourist visa is what pushed them into using a K-1 visa. Michael swears that this is love, not just the apparent creepiness. And hey, they're all adults.

16. But ...

But ...
First of all, Juliana has only seen Michael's life from afar. Seeing how he really lives, and embracing the reality of his children and ex, is another story. Also, she finds herself getting asked some less than fun questions as she applies for her visa. Has she ever been a sex worker? (Seriously, the whole world needs to stop using the word "prostitute" it is nearly 2020)


90 Day Fiance Season 7 introduces Mike, a 34-year-old from Washington, and Natalie, a 35-year-old from Ukraine.

18. These two were set up

These two were set up
Mike's buddy married a woman from Ukraine (note that you do not use the definite article in Ukraine anymore) and the two of them decided to try their hands at matchmaking.

19. It went well!

It went well!
Mike proposed on their second meeting, even though he can scarcely believe his luck. You can see how pumped they both are in the trailer.

20. But ...

But ...
But Mike is a bit of a country boy while Natalie prefers to live in cities, where people live. This is a difference that any couple could struggle to overcome, but some pairs have split over less. Apparently, they also have different churchgoing habits.


90 Day Fiance Season 7 introduces Robert, a 41-year-old from Florida, and Annie, a 30-year-old from the Dominican Republic.

22. Robert is so excited!

Robert is so excited!
The two met on social media and talked for six months before they ever met face to face.

23. Robert took a cruise to meet her

Robert took a cruise to meet her
He stopped over in the DR and their first meet-up lasted for eight hours. At the end of those eight hours, Robert proposed.

24. Robert is clearly enthused

Robert is clearly enthused
For the record, Annie's name has also been reported as "Anny." For the moment, we're going with what TLC's own subtitles are saying.

25. But ...

But ...
But Annie is already giving off gold digger vibes in the trailer. Only time will tell how much gold Robert actually has for her to excavate, and if he'll settle for someone who seems a little too interested in money.


90 Day Fiance Season 7 introduces Tania, a 29-year-old from Connecticut, and Syngin, also age 29, from South Africa.

27. Their story is pretty cool

Their story is pretty cool
Tania went to South Africa to meet up with a different dude, but it did not work out. Naturally, she went to a bar, where she met the bartender -- Syngin. Both being hot and the same age, she went home with him ... and ended up staying in South Africa for months. That must be some impressive dick game. Just saying.

28. Here in the US ....

Here in the US ....
Apparently their relationship is under a bit of pressure because they're living in Tania's mother's ... SHED? We hope that this just means a guest house that was converted from a garage. Please let it mean that.

29. Also ...

Also ...
It looks like they have real disagreements about their future. Tania, like any sensible person, wants a prenup. (Millennials may be killing the paper napkin industry or whatever, but we're bringing back prenups, because having a plan is just common sense) The trailer shows Syngin adamantly refuse. Tania, no dick game is worth whatever you stand to lose without a prenup. Probably.

30. Here's the trailer!

90 Day Fiance premieres its seventh season on November 3, 2019. We wonder if a future trailer will show Steven and Olga, but so far, there's no official confirmation that they'll take part in this particular season.

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