Jenelle Evans' Insane Road Rage Altercation: Caught on VIDEO! [UPDATED]

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Several months ago, reports of an insane road rage incident involving Jenelle Evans began to circulate online.

As time went on, the rumors got more and more ridiculous, to the point that they would have been impossible to believe -- if this were anyone other than Jenelle Evans we were talking about.

Sources claimed Jenelle pulled a gun and chased the other driver to his home.

They said there was a standoff at the man's house that could have turned deadly.

And perhaps most shocking of all, witnesses revealed that Jenelle risked the life of her son Jace, who was riding shotgun the entire time.

Now, we're seeing footage of the incident for the first time, and it seems the chase was every bit as terrifying as we'd been told:

1. Jenelle and Jace on the Road

Jenelle and Jace on the Road
We now know that Jace Evans was seated next to his mother while she pursued another driver during a shocking road rage incident. Footage from the altercation has left fans stunned.

2. Her Story

Her Story
Jenelle claimed that another driver cut her off, and she became irate due to the fact that he could have killed her son. So being the reasonable creature that she is, Jenelle responded by further endangering Jace.

3. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Jenelle has mostly kept silent about the incident in the months since it occurred, presumably for legal reasons.

4. Angry Evans

Angry Evans
She's long hinted that fans will learn the truth once MTV releases footage of the incident, and on Monday night, viewers finally got to decide for themselves.

5. That's Her Catchphrase, Dude

That's Her Catchphrase, Dude
"Are you f--king kidding me, dude?" Jenelle shrieked. "Oh my God. Give me your phone,” she then said to Jace.

6. Calling In the Law

Calling In the Law
“I got three cameras in my car, they got the whole thing,” she yelled at the driver. “I just called the law on you, you were tailgating me, you dumba—.”

7. Along For the Ride

Along For the Ride
Yes, despite reports that a frightened Teen Mom 2 camera crew was in tow, it seems the incident was mostly captured by cameras mounted on Jenelle's car.

8. Fade to Black

Fade to Black
At times, the episode went to a black screen with captions describing the increasingly terrifying incident.

9. Doing His Best

Doing His Best
“If he tries to get out and hurt you, I can get out this Nerf gun and whip him,” Jace told his mother at one point. It was awfully nice, but no one can help her, Jace.

10. An Unlikely Voice of Reason

An Unlikely Voice of Reason
“Well, don’t f--king god damn follow him!” Eason yelled at Jenelle over the phone, little knowing that it was already too late. “You call the police, you don’t follow people.”

11. Dude, He's Fighting Back!

Dude, He's Fighting Back!
“Dude, he just hit my car! Babe, he just hit my f--king car!” Jenelle told her husband as the other driver attempted to prevent her from fleeing the scene.

12. The Nightmare Comes to an End

The Nightmare Comes to an End
Jenelle escaped and raced back to the main road where she was quickly pulled over by a police car while making a tearful phone call to a Teen Mom 2 producer.

13. Judgement Day

Judgement Day
Before this week, fans were forced to evaluate the incident based on a few seconds of preview footage. And there was a good deal of debate as to whether the video evidence exonerated Jenelle or condemned her.

14. First Footage

The original clip only showed the first few seconds of Jenelle's encounter with the other driver.

15. Jace In the Race

Jace In the Race
As you can see, Jace seemed less than thrilled to be along for the ride. In fact, he looked downright terrified as his mom lost her cool and hit the gas.

16. The Third Witness

The Third Witness
Up to this point, we've been relying on testimony from the two main parties involved in the incident -- Jenelle, and the driver, whom she chased all the way home.

17. The Camera Never Lies

The Camera Never Lies
Now, viewers will be able to decide for themselves who's to blame. And it already doesn't look good for Jenelle.

18. In Over Her Head

In Over Her Head
Jenelle fancies herself a one-woman militia these days, but it seems she wandered into a situation she was ill-prepared for when she chased the other driver.

19. The Ambush

The Ambush
“We didn’t know and we had to treat it for the worst possible situation," the anonymous other driver stated in an interview. "My son was outside waiting in an azalea bush, he was armed, my wife was pulling in, she was armed, my cousin was out there and they were armed.”

20. Sneaky Jenelle

Sneaky Jenelle
The driver claims Jenelle issued two distinct threats while chasing him into his driveway: she flashed a gun, and informed him that the whole incident was caught on camera and he was "screwed." He claims she later attempted to hide the handgun.

21. Close Call

Close Call
“If she pulled that gun out she wouldn’t have made it,” he said. “She don’t know how close she came to getting shot!”

22. That's a First

That's a First
Yes, it seems once the chase had come to a stop, Jenelle decided to keep her gun hidden. That means Jenelle freakin' Evans actually made a good decision.

23. Good Call

Good Call
“If she brandished a firearm she wouldn’t be here today,” the homeowner told Radar Online. “The best thing she ever done was not show us the gun.”

24. Turning Tail

Turning Tail
Eventually, Jenelle got the message and peeled out, allegedly striking three cars and a mailbox during her escape.

25. The Jace Chase

The Jace Chase
Of course, the situation is made all the more frightening by the knowledge that Jenelle's young son was in the car. And today, there's one major question on the minds of TM2 fans ...

26. What Was She Thinking?

What Was She Thinking?
This might be a new low from the franchise's very worst mom. Thankfully, tragedy was averted with no help from Jenelle.

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