Farrah Abraham Dares Daughter to Tell Friend Her Dog Died!

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We didn't think it was possible, but Farrah Abraham might have just reached a new low as a mother.

According to Radar Online, Farrah recently posted and deleted a video in which she encourages her daughter to tell a friend her dog died as a prank.

More sociopathic than funny, we would say.

And it seems a lot of Farrah's followers agree with that assessment.

Check out the gallery below to see how Farrah is traumatizing our nation's children this week:

1. Farrah and Sophia

Farrah and Sophia
Farrah has made no secret of the fact that she's hellbent on making Sophia famous. And her latest attempt might be her most bonkers to date.

2. The Worst Idea Ever

The Worst Idea Ever
The mother-daughter duo is launching a webseries called Kids Dare. And it sounds flat-out awful.

3. Kids Dare

Kids Dare
"It's called Kids Dare," Farrah tells Radar Online. "It's like a mix between Punk'd and America's Funniest Home Videos."

4. Farrah's In Charge

Farrah's In Charge
We suppose in the right hands, that idea could work. But this is a Farrah project, so naturally, it went off the rails immediately.

5. The Brains of the Operation

The Brains of the Operation
Yes, it seems this webseries is 100 percent Farrah's idea, and she's the one calling off the shots. And if you know the woman, you know how dangerous that is.

6. Starting Out Simply

Starting Out Simply
"First we're going to ding-dong ditch," Farrah says at the start of the now-deleted introductory video.

7. Things Get Ugly Fast

Things Get Ugly Fast
Then, with Sophia by her side, Farrah announces that things are about to take a much darker turn.

8. Hilarious Trauma

Hilarious Trauma
"Then we're going to come back and be like, 'Oh my God, your dog died! It's crazy right?'" says Farrah.

9. Wait ... What?

Wait ... What?
Now, we know Farrah has done a lot of crazy stuff over the years, but ... did she just encourage her kid to lie to another child and tell her her dog died?

10. Big Sigh

Big Sigh
Yes. Yes, she did. And not surprisingly, a lot of people didn't find Farrah's idea of a prank to be particularly hilarious.

11. That's An Understatement

That's An Understatement
"Something is seriously wrong with Farrah," wrote one commenter on Reddit.

12. You See the Problem, Farrah?

You See the Problem, Farrah?
"My kid would legit have a full-on breakdown if a kid told her that," remarked another.

13. Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire
"If I found out one of the other parents came up with this 'dare,' I would lose my sh-t for real," the irate mom continued.

14. Sophia on Social

Sophia on Social
Of course, this isn't the first time that Farrah has caught flak for trying to turn Sophia into an internet celebrity.

15. Snap Scandal

Snap Scandal
Last year, Farrah started a Snapchat account for her then-8-year-old daughter. Needless to say, it didn't go well.

16. Intervention

Thankfully, some actual grownups intervened and deleted Sophia's account after she logged on by herself late at night and began chatting with strangers.

17. Hotel Drama

Hotel Drama
Just last month, fans called for Farrah to lose custody of Sophia after the Teen Mom OG star was arrested for assaulting a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

18. Bad Time to Pick a Fight

Bad Time to Pick a Fight
Sophia was in her room asleep at the time, and thankfully, did not witness the altercation.

19. Kids Don't Dare

Kids Don't Dare
As for the fate of Farrah and Sophia's latest collaboration, we're guessing this controversy means it'll be dead before it even launches. It's a tough break for Sophia, but if it means we'll be seeing a little bit less of Farrah, we're all for it.

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