Jenelle Evans: New Evidence of Child Abuse Shocks Fans, Prompts Grave Concerns For Kids

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Over the years, Teen Mom 2 fans have watched in stunned horror as Jenelle Evans ranted, raved, and terrified her love ones with her infamous temper.

But as shocking as Jenelle's tantrums have been, it's possible that the greatest threat to her children's health and safety is not Evans' anger, but rather her negligent tendencies.

In the past week, several new pieces of evidence have emerged which seem to indicate that Jenelle is not performing the basic duties that the law expects of her as a mother.

The outcry from those who follow her on social media has been intense, and many believe Evans is soon to lose custody of her children.

1. One Bad Mom

One Bad Mom
Over the past two weeks, video evidence of Jenelle neglecting her kids coupled with some truly repugnant behavior on Teen Mom 2 has led fans to the conclusion that it's time for CPS to intervene.

2. Couldn't Care Less

Couldn't Care Less
Of course, Jenelle claims there's no cause for concern, but that's always her response to fan outrage.

3. All In a Day's Work

All In a Day's Work
On the show, Jenelle received a visit from the local sheriff in response to child abuse claims. Viewers were shocked, not only because Evans refused to allow him in the house, but also because she apparently keeps dozens of pill bottles within reach of children.

4. Effing Up in Real Time

Effing Up in Real Time
But while her behavior on TV has been predictably appalling, many viewers believe Jenelle recently became her own worst enemy by posting even worse evidence of her own shoddy parenting on social media.

5. Pool Crisis

Pool Crisis
It all started when Jenelle began posting photos of her backyard pool. Many fans noted that she had failed to comply with local laws by erecting a fence around then pool.

6. The Fenceless

The Fenceless
Jenelle seemed unconcerned and continued posting pics like this one that show her lounging near a fence-free pool. But, of course, the most damning evidence was yet to come ...

7. The Outrage

The Outrage
"Y'all need a fence around the pool b4 a child drowns idiots," one fan commented on Jenelle's Instagram page.

8. More Uproar

More Uproar
"I would rather fence in my pool than bury my child but I guess that's bc I'm logical," remarked another.

9. Savage Burns All Around

Savage Burns All Around
"She doesn't even know the first thing about carseat safety, why would she care about her kids drowning?" asked a third.

10. Losing Her Cool

Losing Her Cool
Evans irately defended herself every step of the way, but when Radar Online published an article about the neglect allegations, Jenelle really became angry.

11. Jenelle vs. the Media

Jenelle vs. the Media
Jenelle threatened to sue the outlet and posted what she claimed was video evidence that the pool is indeed enclosed by a fence.

12. A New Level of Delusion

A New Level of Delusion
Jenelle's video showed that there is a fence in her backyard ... but it's so far away from her pool that there's no way it could ever prevent a drowning incident.

13. The Drone Wars

Yes, Jenelle actually went to the trouble of shooting drone footage over her own property -- just to wind up proving her critics right.

14. It Gets Worse

It Gets Worse
Of course, Jenelle thought she had claimed decisive victory over the haters, so she doubled down by posting yet another pool video.

15. Droning On

Jenelle posted a second drone video on Instagram, this one showing David Eason swimming in the pool along with Evans' son Kaiser Griffith.

16. Taking a Dive

Taking a Dive
As you can see, the toddler dove into the shallow end of the pool while not wearing a lifejacket.

17. Kaiser Drama

Kaiser Drama
"Now that Kaiser can swim, he loves to throw in his toys and dive!" Jenelle captioned the video. However, many fans didn't find the situation quite so amusing.

18. The Shallow End

The Shallow End
"How deep is that?" one of Jenelle's followers asked out of concern for Evans' 4-year-old son. "Cause I just saw an almost broken neck there. Jesus Christ."

19. Common Sense

Common Sense
"Probably be a good idea not having him dive straight down at the shallow end," another commenter sensibly pointed out.

20. What, Jenelle Worry?

What, Jenelle Worry?
But if you think Jenelle is bothered by the criticism, you don't know the Carolina Hurricane. CPS has been to her house 20 times in the past year, and the woman simply could not care less. Expect her to taunt the haters with another poolside clip very soon.

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