Jenelle Evans Goes on INSANE Rant: David Eason is a Great Man and F--k Y'all!!

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Jenelle Evans is no stranger to the fine art of Twitter ranting.

She's also very familiar with flawed logic, making excuses, and just being completely and totally deluded in general.

And, lucky for us, she showed off each and every one of those skills this morning!

Yep, while many of us were sleeping in or having breakfast or getting into some fun activities, Jenelle felt the need to hop on Twitter to defend David Eason, her homophobic husband.

Why? We're not exactly sure.

But boy, is it a wild ride ...

1. A Match Made in Heaven

A Match Made in Heaven
Jenelle and David are the worst. Just the absolute worst. They are the worst separately, they bring out the worst in each other. The two of them finding each other was just a terrible thing, and it's not getting any better as time goes on.

2. How ... Sweet?

How ... Sweet?
David has a special way of making Jenelle even wilder than she was before, or at least wild in a different, scarier way. Gone is Stoner Jenelle, and in her place is Road Rage Gun-Pulling Jenelle. Like we said, it's bad.

3. Please Stop, David

Please Stop, David
Another example of how awful he is for her? He may be the reason she finally quits Teen Mom 2, like she's been threatening to do for years. After he got fired, it really seems like she's been going back and forth between getting that MTV money and leaving to stand by her man.

4. Not Good

Not Good
And can you imagine how scary it would be to be Jenelle, living out on her swamp in a house that is sinking into the ground with David and no MTV film crews to keep an eye on her?

5. Yikes

But instead of imagining Jenelle's bleak future, let's focus on the here and now -- and in the here and now, Jenelle is going off on Twitter about how unfair it is that everyone hates David.

6. Sigh ...

Sigh ...
And be warned, this is a crazy little rant, even for her.

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