Jenelle Evans: My Makeup Company Is Totally Still Happening, Dude!

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Last week, we reported on the news that Jenelle Evans' business website had been taken over by an animal rights group after Evans failed to keep up on payments for the domain name.

The new and improved JE Cosmetics site will be devoted to a rescue project for pitbulls in New York City.

It was a win for the good guys and a reminder to Jenelle that the violent death of her dog Nugget at the hands of her husband, David Eason, will not soon be forgotten.

But Jenelle being Jenelle, she totally missed the point, and instead of graciously congratulating the New York Bully Crew, she took to social media to rant about how the makeup line that she's been blathering about for years is totally still happening.

Take a look:

1. Angry As Always

Angry As Always
Jenelle is mad, y'all. Sure, Jenelle is always mad, but based on her latest social media tirade, it seems she's even angrier than usual.

2. The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm
Things began the way they always do -- with Jenelle pretending that all is right with the world, and she and David are living an idyllic life on their self-sustaining homestead.

3. A Difficult Lie

A Difficult Lie
This has required more effort than usual in recent weeks, as Jenelle and David's kids have been removed from their care by CPS.

4. The Homesteaders

Jenelle has gotten creative by posting videos featuring old footage from when her kids still lived at home. But it doesn't look as though she's fooling anyone.

5. Chickens, Not Children

Chickens, Not Children
Over the weekend, Jenelle posted pics from her property, which appears to be overrun by various fowl these days.

6. Check Your Math

Check Your Math
This could have something to do with Jenelle's faulty math when ordering eggs. But we digress ...

7. The Delusional One

The Delusional One
Jenelle might not be able to multiply 9 by 4, but she's still under the impression that running a successful business is a breeze.

8. Aspiring Mogul

Jenelle and David were in D.C. last week to take meetings with the folks who are apparently helping her bring JE Cosmetics to life.

9. Priorities

Evans has been criticized for her D.C. jaunts (this is her second in the past month), as many feel she should be laser-focused on getting her kids back.

10. Clearing the Air?

Clearing the Air?
But she says it's all part of the plan -- and she assures fans she's able to focus on many tasks at once.

11. Under Construction

"Just remember ... my cosmetic site is under construction!" Evans tweeted over the weekend.

12. Working Hard

Working Hard
"While I am working very hard on myself and my relationship, I also have a team working for me behind closed doors," she continued.

13. Rumors

"Rumors are rumors. New site coming soon!" she concluded.

14. Moving On

Moving On
Jenelle makes no mention of the fact that she lost the domain name her "company" had been using until last week.

15. New Address?

New Address?
She also doesn't reveal what the new site will be, and many have pointed out that she appears to be running low on potential URLs.

16. Name Change?

Name Change?
Is it possible that Jenelle will be forced to change the name of her makeup line this late in the game?

17. Coming Soon

Coming Soon
Jenelle has not revealed a release date for her long-gestating brand, but she did say products are "coming soon." Of course, she's been saying that for years now ...

18. In Time For Christmas

In Time For Christmas
Insiders say Jenelle is hoping to get her products in stores in time for the Christmas shopping season.

19. Short on Time

Short on Time
Obviously, that leaves her with several months to prepare -- but that's not a lot of time for a company that doesn't even have a website yet.

20. Jenelle Gonna Jenelle

Jenelle Gonna Jenelle
Of course, Evans' biggest problem remains her public image. Does anyone really want to buy products from a woman who allowed her husband to kill her dog?

21. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
In any event, the move to repurpose Jenelle's website in memory of her slain pet is a victory for animal lovers everywhere -- as well as a reminder to Evans of the uphill battle she'll have to fight if she wants to restore her public image.

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