David Eason: Off the Hook For Killing Dog Because Jenelle Evans Won't Press Charges!

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As you've likely heard by now, David Eason shot and killed his wife's pet dog on Monday.

It's important to note that this was no accident, and it was no Old Yeller-style reluctant mercy-killing.

David Eason Shoots Stuff

No, David allegedly ignored pleas for compassion from his wife and shot the small French bulldog named Nugget to death because of the dog's behavior.

David says the dog bit his 2-year-old daughter Ensley -- yet even though he's posted about the incident extensively, he has yet to furnish anything in the way of evidence that might support this claim.

And as many fans have pointed out, if David and Jenelle are planning to proceed with turning their swampy morass into a "homestead," they may want to teach their children how to properly interact with animals.

Jenelle Evans and Nugget

And if one of their animals simply could not be trusted to not harm the children, they should have had him re-homed.

(Are you telling us with Jenelle's millions of social media followers, she couldn't have found a suitable home for Nugget?)

The point of all this is that unless the dog badly injured Ensley -- which we know did not happen -- then there was no reason for David to kill him.

He did so because he's a violent psychopath, and yet once again, it looks as though he'll avoid legal prosecution -- all because of Jenelle.

David Eason's New Shirt

Yes, according to TMZ, David has been tentatively cleared of all charges.

Police say they cannot proceed with an investigation without a complaint from the dog's owner or one of the other adults living in the household.

Technically, Jenelle is considered an adult, which makes her the only person who fits those descriptions.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

When police performed a welfare check on Ensley Monday night, David informed them that Nugget was still alive -- but he refused to let them see the dog.

We now know that Nugget was already dead, and while police contacted Animal Control, they say their hands are tied unless Jenelle presses charges.

TMZ requested a statement and a spokesperson for the Columbus County Sheriff's Department told the outlet that they will not respond "sensationalized media reports or social media posts."

PETA says it hopes the authorities change their minds for the sake of Jenelle and her children.

David and His Chicken

"People who abuse animals typically don't stop there.," the organization says.

Meanwhile, calls for Jenelle to be fired from Teen Mom 2 have become louder than ever on social media.

For years, viewers have accused Evans of protecting an abuser, and by continuing to employ her, they argue, MTV is guilty of the same.

As the situation escalates online, many are now pointing out that there's reason to believe gun-crazy Dave has killed other pets in the past:

The Eason Family

"My belief, this is not the first time he's killed a dog," wrote one Twitter user.

"Three dogs went "missing" in their care--Pumpkin, the designer dog bought from breeder in Texas & the stray during hurricane. Jenelle is acting sad because they were reported. #RIPNugget #RipPumpkin #EasonAnimalAbuse"

We hope David and Jenelle are ready to weather the worst storm of their careers.

This criticism will not be going away anytime soon.

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