90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Jay Cheated and Got Beaten Up!

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Last week, 90 Day Fiance viewers saw the immediate aftermath as Colt Johnson revealed that Larissa was arrested ... again.

On Sunday night's new episode, things became heated as the toxic couple (and third wheel, Debbie) dealt with the emotional fallout.

Chantel heard a shocking conspiracy theory about Pedro's family from a trusted source.

Paola went into labor, still insisting on a home birth despite Russ and her mom worrying about her.

Andrei's stubbornness continues to cost Elizabeth her peace of mind but also her bank account as insists that she, not her dad, pay for the things he wants.

And Ashley learned the truth about Jay -- that he'd cheated with her in a bathroom, and that he'd gotten himself beaten up over it.

1. Ashley and Jay

Ashley and Jay
This couple can be deeply polarizing. Nobody thinks that they should stay together, of course. But some people actually think that Ashley deserves to be cheated on for the "crime" of ... marrying a younger man. (At 20, Jay's not really old enough to get married, but that's his business)

2. Ashley has real concerns

Ashley has real concerns
So she went to the barbershop, because Jay made friends with these dudes and only these dudes in all of his time in America.

3. The news is worse than she thought

The news is worse than she thought
She figured that maybe they'd confirm that Jay had been flirting or chatting up some girl. Instead, Ashley learns that Jay didn't just physically cheat on her -- he did it in the bathroom, right there, when he was doing tattoos there.

4. That had immediate consequences

That had immediate consequences
The owner apparently kicked him out over that, but not before roughing him up over it. (Disclaimer: physical violence is not an appropriate consequence for cheating! We do not endorse that)

5. Ashley is heartbroken

Ashley is heartbroken
She even speaks with the girl to confirm that this really happened. And this is just the hookup that Ashley knows went down because it happened at the place where she went to ask. How many more places could she have gone and asked to hear a similar story?

6. Ashley was furious

Ashley was furious
She called Jay, told him that if he shows up at her house she will work to have him arrested and deported (not clear how that would work, but whatever, she was mad).

7. The weird thing is ...

The weird thing is ...
This is probably the incident, we assume, that led to Ashley filing for divorce in January. But 11 days later, she withdrew that filing. And then they two of them stayed together for about three more months. Yes, Jay (allegedly) cheated again.

8. Russ and Paola

Russ and Paola
It's time ... it IS time, right? After all of the anxiety over the previous miscarriage, and Pao's incomprehensible desire to eschew medical science to give birth in a kdidie pool in her living room,

9. Russ is so worried, you guys

Russ is so worried, you guys
He knows that he just has to trust his wife and the midwife ... but even she didn't seem totally confident at times that Pao wouldn't need a hospital. (By the way, SO much about Paola -- whom we all love -- can be explained by the fact that she's the youngest of six)

10. Paola was in a world of pain

Paola was in a world of pain
She trudged back and forth between the pool in the living room and her bedroom, doing different breathing exercises ... and whimpering in pain.

11. Pao's husband and mom tried to be supportive

Pao's husband and mom tried to be supportive
Only Paola got to decide where to give birth, but they both wished that she would go to a hospital. It's not just about the epidural -- it's about having quick options in case something goes wrong. Both were afraid that Paola might die.

12. She had some fears of her own

She had some fears of her own
Now, if you've ever had serious pain (like those calf cramps that look like your muscle is trying to snap your bone, or a major problem with an organ that requires surgery), you know what it's like to feel discomfort so bad that you worry that you might die -- or maybe wish, momentarily, that you could die to end the pain. It is my understanding that childbirth is even worse. Paola was feeling that.

13. But Russ was there for her

But Russ was there for her
A lot of what we've seen of these two have been arguments. Arguments about where to live, weird arguments about Peo's career, have made it onto the show when tender moments did not (that's reality TV for you). It was nice to see him there for her and so supportive. Nice, but not surprising.

14. The baby is here!

The baby is here!
Paola gave birth to sweet baby Axel, who will be 6 months old on July 1. We hope that the camera crew and producers got some extra cash for filming through New Year's Eve.

15. But ... there are still troubles to come

But ... there are still troubles to come
Paola distressed Russ by correcting how he was holding his baby. "It’s frustrating to hear Pao say that I’m not doing something right,” Russ admits. “To be honest, she doesn’t have that much experience with newborn babies either. She has to learn to trust me."

16. Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei
Things are not looking good for these two. Sadly, Elizabeth has not divorced Andrei, even after the scary phone-snatching incident. Or even after he was in conflict with every member of her family and basically ruined her baby shower by being angry that her own sister was invited. Or even after he stubbornly refused to get a dang job to support his child. Remember when he was going to be a truck-driver? Yeah.

17. So, Andrei's dad is coming to visit!

So, Andrei's dad is coming to visit!
That's exciting news ... right up until Andrei finds out that he's going to have a 9-hour layover. Now, most people just read or pace around or play games on their phone for a wait like that. Some even nap. But Andrei is suddenly overwhelmed by familial concern and insists on flying out to spend that time with his dad.

18. Tickets aren't free

Tickets aren't free
In fact, thanks to the oligopoly of airlines, they're expensive, and flying out to meet his dad and hang out with him and then fly back with him, which Andre thinks is totally necessary, will cost $600. As Elizabeth says, that's half their rent.

19. But that doesn't mean that Andrei can't go

But that doesn't mean that Andrei can't go
Elizabeth says that she'll ask her dad if he can spot them the money. Her dad is well off and, since Andrei isn't working, they're relying upon Elizabeth's income, so this would be a lovely gift from in-law to in-law.

20. Andrei says no

Andrei says no
He doesn't want anything from Elizabeth's dad, because he has the audacity to ... help them out when they need it. Andrei is clearly holding a grudge from being asked to keep the free house they were living in looking presentable, and his outrageous ego won't allow it. Instead, he'll just spend money that he and Elizabeth don't have to spare on a ticket that isn't actually necessary.

21. Andrei insists that he get his way, as usual

Andrei insists that he get his way, as usual
He demands that SHE go pack his bag because he no longer wishes to discuss it. At this point, we don't think that it's exaggerating to say that most viewers were wishing that Elizabeth would go pack up all of his belongings and tell him goodbye.

22. Elizabeth caved

Elizabeth caved
Okay, you figure that the crisis is resolved. Andrei's dad has some company. Elizabeth can quietly ask for some money if she needs it, which may have been Andrei's intention all along -- to get money from Mr. Potthast, but without admitting that he needed it, making it Elizabeth's debt and not his. The guy has major issues. He may need therapy.

23. Unfortunately, the trouble didn't stop there

Unfortunately, the trouble didn't stop there
See, Andrei's dad was going to meet Elizabeth's family, which is great. The only problem is that Andrei had just spent the last who-knows-how-many-hours complaining about her family to him. Ugh. We know she hasn't left him yet, but Elizabeth, it's not too late.

24. Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro
Chantel's visit to the Dominican Republic continues. Pedro had told her that he's not going to spend time with her -- his wife -- because he had made a commitment to spend time with his family. (And what is she? Chopped chicken feet?)

25. Along comes Obed

Along comes Obed
So, Chantel knows Obed as a friend of Pedro's family, and he has some tea to spill about Pedro's mother and sister.

26. Chantel has agreed to listen

Chantel has agreed to listen
"If you came here to fix your marriage, you should know the whole history,” Obed tells her. “I feel that it was a setup. They arranged Pedro to meet you, and you to fall in love with him."

27. In other words, he's saying ...

In other words, he's saying ...
He thinks that The Family Pedro plotted for them to meet and for her to fall for Pedro because they felt that they had something to gain. Obed says that he doesn't think that Pedro knows that his mother and sister are, like, soap opera villains.

28. So what went wrong with the plan?

So what went wrong with the plan?
Apparently they didn't plan on Pedro falling in love with Chantel. Whoops! That would certainly explain why they seem so threatened by Chantel's very existence and by this marriage.

29. How does Obed know?

How does Obed know?
He says that they did something similar with him, which is both vague and intriguing. Is he just projecting from his own experience or warning Chantel about all of this? And how is this going to change his relationships after this episode airs (which it now has)?

30. Larissa and Colt

Larissa and Colt
This episode deals with the aftermath of Larissa's arrest ... some more.

31. Larissa is home and very unhappy

Larissa is home and very unhappy
Some viewers may have been puzzled as to why she was avoiding Coltee and Debbie. The reason was that she clearly felt betrayed by Colt. Reports say that the police who busted down the door arrested her, not Colt, because of what Colt told them. Even though she was the one locked in the bathroom and pleading for help over social media.

32. Colt doesn't take it very well

Colt doesn't take it very well
"Ever since Larissa arrived to America, she’s created nothing but problems," Colt says. "And I have to be there to solve everything from money to arrests to lawyers."

33. 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After 6/16/19: Colt shares the arrest news

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After 6/16/19: Colt shares the arrest news
"I have to sacrifice my own wellbeing, my own happiness just to get this marriage to continue," Colt complains. "Honestly, I don’t know if I can live like this anymore."

34. Meanwhile, Debbie has her own concerns

Meanwhile, Debbie has her own concerns
She's complaining that Colt could have been shot by a police officer. That's absolutely true. Although it sounds like she's admitting that Colt was not in danger from Larissa, just from police, but that's a whole other mess.

35. Finally, Larissa speaks out

Finally, Larissa speaks out
Larissa explains that she wants to work, bring her kids to the US, and live happily ever after. Colt acts like she just stated that she wants to live without him, which is all but admitting that he knows that he'll never make her happy.

36. That was then

That was then
These days, Larissa is much happier. But we all know that things got a lot worse for this toxic couple after this episode was filmed in November.

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