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David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 after, entirely of his own accord, he launched into a very public, bigoted rant against the LGBT+ community.

Jenelle’s response has been nothing if not puzzling. She’s even gone so far as to say that she should have been fired before David

It’s very weird, and there have been a number of signs that have led fans to believe that she and MTV are going their separate ways.

Sources tell RadarOnline that Jenelle won’t be filming again any time soon, and that she also hasn’t filmed for a while.

But is Jenelle actually fired?

Costar Briana DeJesus is weighing in. Remember, folks — Briana is an actual friend of Jenelle’s.

And she has a lot to say about the whole situation.

Briana also teases that, given everything that’s been going on, this reunion will be bonkers. As in, even more explosive and meltdown-laden than usual. Which is saying something.

So … is Jenelle fired or what?