Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer: Proof That Teen Mom 2 Stars Are DATING?!

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Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer have a lot in common: they both have three children, they're both on Teen Mom 2, they're both single ...

It makes sense that they've gotten closer recently.

But have they gotten so close that they're actually no longer single?

Because they're dating EACH OTHER?!

It's a surprisingly popular theory making its way around the Teen Mom gossip circuit right now. Let's get into why so many people are convinced that these two moms have found love, right in the cast of their own show!

1. Love in Hawaii

Love in Hawaii
Earlier this month, Leah and Kailyn went on vacation together to Hawaii, along with some other friends. They stayed for quite a while and it looks like they bonded a lot during their trip.

2. Babes

They shared a lot of photos from their time in Hawaii on Instagram, and it was the captions they wrote about each other that really got people wondering what was going on between them.

3. Besties, OR MORE?

Besties, OR MORE?
For example, in every photo that Kailyn shared of Leah, or of herself with Leah, she referred to her as a "babe."

4. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
And yes, there are some women who refer to their female friends as "babe," that's definitely true, but "babe" is also a common term of endearment for people in relationships, is it not?! Anyway, the "babe" business isn't our key piece of evidence, we're just getting started.

5. #LoveIsLove

Nope, Leah's captions are much, much more interesting -- for example, when she posted this picture, she wrote "Many have an image of us but few get the picture. ♥️ I get you and I love you @kaillowry !!" She added a couple of kissing emojis, as well as a "love is love" hashtag.

6. What's Up, Leah?

What's Up, Leah?
"Love is love" is a beautiful sentiment, of course, but it's very commonly used in the LGBT community. Perhaps Leah didn't know that when she made her post, perhaps she just went to use some "love" hashtag and saw that was a popular one. Or maybe she's trying to tell us something.

7. A Completely Different Level

A Completely Different Level
In another photo's caption, Leah wrote "I’m so glad I went on this trip with you! We definitely accept each other’s weirdness. 😂 I know you on a completely different level and I love you even more! @kaillowry 😘😘😘Now, let’s get to doing BIG things boo!"

8. What is the Truth?!

What is the Truth?!
Is Kailyn REALLY her boo? What big things will they be doing together? Are they just best friends right now, or did something happen to turn their friendship romantic? We deserve to know! Or, OK, not really, but we would very much like to know!

9. Mermaid Vibes

Mermaid Vibes
For this photo, Leah referred to herself and Kailyn as "mermaids," and she wrote to Kail "this is my favorite pic besides the one of us when we were going skydiving." And ALSO, she used a "my love" hashtag. Is she trying to say this lovely little water hole is her love, or is she talking about Kailyn?

10. Check Them Hands!

Check Them Hands!
Kailyn even shared this photo where she and Leah are holding hands after skydiving, and she captioned it "I’d go anywhere with you." Which ... come on.

11. Lots of Likes

Lots of Likes
Both ladies have been liking pretty much every photo the other posts, which we all know is a mandatory activity in new relationships.


Leah even liked that nude photo Kailyn posted for her birthday, and she also commented with "Happy birthday love!!! You are who you are, and that's why you're loved by so many! You deserve allll the blessings this life has to give you! Keep being real, keep being you! I love you so much."

13. So Much Confusion

So Much Confusion
Then over on Twitter, Kailyn said that she and Leah were going to do some speed dating for a little bit of fluffy fun on Teen Mom 2, but in the same tweet, she asked "Is there speed dating for lesbians?"

14. Why Though

A lot of people didn't get the question, because why even ask? Kailyn has always been open about being bisexual, and as far as we know, Leah has never really commented on her sexuality, leaving most people to assume she's straight.

15. Any Person in Particular?

Any Person in Particular?
Someone asked if she identified as a lesbian now, and she replied with "I love people."

16. What is HAPPENING?

But what about Leah? Someone tried to ask both ladies about all the dating rumors, and while she didn't respond to that question, she did respond to someone who wrote "Leah is straight lol i think??????????????"

17. Why Not Both?!

Why Not Both?!
"Their can be men and women lol," darling Leah replied.

18. Well?!

So with all the evidence laid out before you, all the Instagram likes and sweet comments and so on, would you say there's a chance that Kailyn and Leah could actually be dating?

19. Wait and See

Wait and See
One thing is for sure: the new season of Teen Mom 2 sure will be a juicy one!

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