Jessica Simpson Shows Off Plump Lips, Gets Destroyed on Instagram

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Jessica Simpson thought she was sharing a harmless selfie.

She thought she was encouraging fans to work out

She thought she was giving them a look at her workout.

"#ShowMeYourSteps," the former singer wrote as a caption to the first photo listed below, adding: "#Niners #GucciGlasses #JSTheWarmUp."

But the Internet can be a cruel place.

And, as you can see below, social media followers aren't focused on Simpson's calorie burning, but rather on a certain body part that stands out in this initial photo...

1. Hello, Lips!

Hello, Lips!
Jessica Simpson is receiving a lot of flak for this selfie. Followers are aghast over her very plump lips.

2. Quack! Quack!

Quack! Quack!
The general consensus from critics is that Simpson's lips make Kylie Jenner's lips look thin and natural.

3. Let's Be Frank

Let's Be Frank
There was no beating around the bush here. Various critics came right out with how they feel.

4. This is a New Hashtag

This is a New Hashtag
#AwfulThings, huh? Again, no beating around the bush here.

5. What... is... Happening?

What... is... Happening?
We all know the answer, don't we? It rhymes with schastic murgery.

6. Reject the Injections!

Reject the Injections!
Fans are pleading with Jessica. Do you agree that she looked better before?

7. Please, Jess...

Please, Jess...
You are a beautiful woman. Why mess with God-given success?

8. And Another Thing!

And Another Thing!
Forget the lips, apparently. Has Simpson had a nose job?

9. Forget the Lips. Forget the Nose.

Forget the Lips. Forget the Nose.
Let's focus on the whole body! She's clearly too shin!

10. Jessica Has Been Here Before...Often

Jessica Has Been Here Before...Often
For whatever reason, Simpson has often been the source of ire for social media users. Click above to see how she got dragged for a very simple parental gesture.

11. Then There Was This Nonsense

Then There Was This Nonsense
Critics LOVE telling Simpson she's a bad mother. Click on the above story to learn why they went there in May 2017.

12. Okay, This Criticism May Have Been Deserved

Okay, This Criticism May Have Been Deserved
Remember the caption she used for a certain old photo of her daughter? Again: click above to remember what it was!

13. But There's Always Jessica's Butt

But There's Always Jessica's Butt
She's still very happy to show off this body part and it never, ever receives any sort of backlash.

14. And Her Boobs

And Her Boobs
Stick with the cleavage shots, Jess. We're just sayin. It will help you avoid the body shamers.

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